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NPP, Neo-Colonialism And Corrupt Leadership In High Places!!

Comment: Re: God Bless you Nati Binga

2007-03-04 23:55:55
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God Bless you Nati Binga

This is not an issue of RACISM. I THINK the writer is trying to emphasize on a serious situation in Ghana that has nothing to do with Xenophobia or Racism.
Ghana has a very serious problem of underdevelopment. We have all the resources and the ability to rise-up out of this serious situation. The administration (government) in Ghana are supposed to create the right environment for local development.Any action taken should be geared towards this goal. Indiscriminate importation of goods and services, from outside the country, goes to stifle, strangle, destroy, local enterprise. There is a very poor economic situation in this country. The over-abundance of foreign goods (not locally produced goods) in the country indicates a very sick economy. WE GO TO BEG FOR LOANS JUST TO USE TO IMPORT GOODS AND SERVICES. T e r r i b l e.
To stimulate and encourage local growth there should be some discrimination in favour of local enterprises. This is done in any country. Doing this sort of discrimination does not mean foreigners are hated.

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Re: God Bless you Nati Binga
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