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DRUGS: Ghanaian based in Italy busted

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2007-02-12 01:14:03
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I second Dat

I am against any one who will blow him or her self up for political reasons, but who permits all those? It is also a very poor way for some of our Moslem brothers to understand scripture. Do you think God who is asking us to stick with one woman will give one men 50 virgins? That scripture to me means seek ye first the kingdom of Allah God and all its righteousness and all things shall be added unto you. Virgins could also means peace of mind, there will be no hustling, you will never get hungry or thirsty or feel any pain because one was obedience to the laws and commandment of Allah God and that will be a reward.

Some times God uses people to bring tyrant leaders of the world who know the will of Allah God but will not do it down to their knees to show them that the is a higher power.

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