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DRUGS: Ghanaian based in Italy busted

Comment: The drug menace

2007-02-09 11:47:42
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Re: DRUGS: Ghanaian based in Italy busted

Fellow Ghanaians, please let's eschew tribalism in all its manifestations. It is ugly,it is abhorrent and it is highly dangerous. Let's deal with criminals for what they are - scum of the Earth. Generalisations and indiscriminate mud-slinging does no one any good.

The Narcotics Control Board could do well into invest in a few sniffer dogs rather than relying on mere luck. Any smuggler nabbed could have made more successful previous trips.

Filthy money is awash in Ghana right now and so long as money men are revered in our society, such nefarious activities are bound to soar. If 77 parcels of cocaine could vanish beneath the noses of our security forces without a trace, then fellow country folk, we are heading down the road to anarchy. How can a human being, because of money, be so callous to peddle such filth knowing that it will destroy lives? What happened to concsience?

The infantile excuse every scum gives is that he or she was running an errand for someone else.

It is high time society started asking questions about the origins of people's get-rich-quick wealth.

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The drug menace
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