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Kwesi Armah passes on

Comment: A RealmPATRIOT

Kofi Akroma
2006-11-27 19:44:01
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Kwesi Armah passes on

Uncle Kwesi DA YIE!!!!!

Mr. Kwesi Armah was a REAL PATRIOT. I am MOST CERTAIN that those who were in the UK during his era at the Ghana High Commission will confirm this. The man really served Ghana very well, "Mr. Personality" as he was known then.
Those were the days he could take Ghana's case straight to the powers that be and even as far as Buckingham Palace.
Ghanaians especially those in the UK were extremely happy to see him because he would do WHATEVER he could to ensure that their studies in the UK and dreams of returning to serve Ghana were fulfilled. Those were the days students will catch the next flight right after their FINAL Exams.
The man NEVER made politics stopped him from serving his country. Even in his old age and a devout CPP, he didn't hesitate to serve as a Member of the Cousil of State; not once BUT twice IN AN NPP Administration.
Indeed, Ghana has really lost one her GREAT sons.

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11-27 15:26
Kofi Akroma
11-27 19:44