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Dying homeless man endures harsh weather conditions as family rejects him

Comment: Re: @Vulgah. Give a possible reason........

2020-11-23 01:37:39
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@Vulgah. Give a possible reason........

You are talking as if you don't know how some of us Ghanaians are! You can leave 'Korti ye Aboa' to 'Shwaa ye morbor' for three years; if my spellings are right. When you go back to 'Korti ye Aboa' without goodies for the family and 'friends', nobody wants to acknowledge you.
You are useless, a burden, an outcast and a liability. You bring shame to the family, especially if you have any psychological issues. Let's not assume we are that good to our own when they need us most. Hope the Health and Welfare Authorities give him some help before it is too late! The police mortuaries are filled with too many unidentified and unclaimed individuals!!

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11-22 15:41
Re: @Vulgah. Give a possible reason........
11-23 01:37