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Dying homeless man endures harsh weather conditions as family rejects him

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2020-11-22 23:13:04
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Don't blame Ghanaians. We have our own problems too. Definately,

Don't blame Ghanaians as a whole. Definitely, Many Ghanaians help him with tips here and there. The problem is that many Ghanaians help him here and there but it is not easy for struggling individuals to take him home. Did you read even his family would not want to keep him? That is how Ghana has become:" Each for himself and God for us all."
His problem, from the look of things and the family's behavior, as well as his own, convince me that it may be one of mental. How can you live in Accra and not visit your hometown. I can't even guess how many people in his own town can recognize him. This is the time for our so many "Men of God" really do the work of God. Where is Mahama, Akuffo Addo, DCEs, MPs, especially from his area? Are voters watching which political party will go to his aid? These days, people in the diaspora find it difficult to help because they don't trust the system. Someone can set up an account on the pretext of helping him but dupe up contributors. Let all political parties help but there should be a trustworthy account for others to contribute

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11-22 15:41
Frank Agyena-Karikari
11-22 23:13