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Coronavirus deaths in Ghana climb to 312


2020-10-22 20:16:29
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Coronavirus deaths in Ghana climb to 312

1. The PCR tests are not scientifically valid tests.
2. The Covid virus has never been isolated.
3. The masks we are forced to wear are ineffective for virus protection.
4. The media and elites and the FDA and the WHO all conspire to suppress treatments.
5. Prophylactic measures are discredited by these same organizations.
6. The lethality of the unseen virus is questionable, especially for all healthy people.
7. Rushed Vaccines against a virus that has never been isolated is not safe nor are they able to be proven effective if the live virus cannot be applied to animal specimens after vaccination.

So for reasons 1 hrough 7, it indicates we have the hoax of all time on our hands here.

If anyone tries to force me to have a vaccine, it will be lethal to those trying to do so.

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