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National strike looms

Comment: Re: Kwasi, Chicago

2006-06-06 13:40:36
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NDC to stop MCA won't backfire

Kwasi, I agree with you. Obviously you are in the US so you know something about government accountability. It is not 100% perfect, but they have it and it works in most cases. (sadly, we don't have in Ghana). What some people are ignorant about is that the MCA is NOT for salaries. Not only that, when Ghana does not use the account for what it is inttended for the money may be withdrawn; so the opposition doing the rght thing.

Another thing is; every worker deserves a reasonable wage. If the government is not leading by example, then the workers have every wright to speak quietly and peacefully in the language the government would understand.

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06-06 04:20
Re: Kwasi, Chicago
06-06 13:40
J B Nyamekeh
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