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National strike looms

Comment: Sign of things to come

2006-06-06 04:25:27
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National strike looms

This is what positive defiance is all about. The country is really tough. you take out 100000 cedis and it is gone and you have nothing to show for it. you take taxi from somewhere around Sakumono to Abelemkpe and this idiot says 80000 cedis. I refused and eventually got there for 70000 cedis bargain! Fellow Ghanaians, let's be seriuos here. A lot of the so-called big men get everything for free. Even at the Bank of Ghana offices are given dressing allowance and the black soil for their flowers are even sent to them on monthly basis. Can these people see any hardship in the country? Sometimes we may be joking on this forum with silly remarks here and there, but we should take a cursory look at the heppenings today. The economy may be okay, but we should not replace economics with mathematics. The real economy is often different from the mathematecal calculation of inflation and GDP. The average person is suffering with tight control on inflation, the bubble will soon burst Let's all join the forces to help our blessed country.

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06-06 04:20
J B Nyamekeh
06-06 13:03
Sign of things to come
06-06 04:25