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We’ve reached a point of no return in demanding our independence - Western Togoland Group

Comment: Very funny

Togbey Soshie III
2020-09-07 16:26:14
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We’ve reached a point of no return in demanding

It's very funny reading those comments on the page and yes all that Western Togolander wants is their freedom. I hope all that you are saying on the page go straight to into the ears of the president. We are asking of nothing but just separation from Ghana. You see you the Ashanti created the so called Kumerican. Who complained? Just leave us alone let go. Truly truly there is no turning back. There is nothing you can say or do that will prevent this new movement. Better tell your president to grant us our wishes as he for the Ashanti's by allowing them to have their country in a country with foreign names. What a shame

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09-07 09:16
Very funny
Togbey Soshie III
09-07 16:26