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Mahama promises free healthcare in second coming

Comment: Mahama and health

2020-07-28 11:20:24
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Mahama promises free healthcare in second coming

This is sakawa promise. Less than 8 years ago he promised one-time health insurance premium. He couldn't do it. Health insurance totally collapsed during his time. Don't take him serious, he won't be able to do it. This is political talk. He doesn't have anything to lose if he makes such promise because he knows he can't do it. Judge what he says with his past record. He doesn't use our health system because he goes overseas to seek medical care so he doesn't mean what he says. That's the behaviour of all politicians. My friend, have you been tested for COVID-19? The parliamentarians have been tested more than two times. Are we not human beings? Or our lives don't matter? The money they splash on bribing their way in primaries, what they give to one delegate is enough to cater for a village farmer the whole of the year. Don't mind the politicians.

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Mahama and health
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