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Ursula’s directives to GBC over DTT channel were extremely strange - Kwesi Pratt


Ex- Soldier. France
2020-07-27 14:08:50
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Ursula’s directives to GBC over DTT channel were

For quite sometime now, I have been praying that nobody, for that matter, a foreign, should ask me who my president is. I would be caught in a spider,s web since I wouldn,t know whose name to mention. Folks, does that mean that,Akufo Addo is not aware of most of the things that take place in this country? When I heard him issued directive contrary to what the lady has said, I said, waooo! There is something always wrong somewhere. Now, coming back to the minister,s directive. Is she aware that she has no authority to issue such directives? Or is it a case of a bravado and abuse of political power, knowing very well the character of this particular minister? A special channel for the president and another for a so called security. My goodness! How have we gotten to this very low level in our histroy as a nation? Who is in charge of mother Ghana? Now, we can no more brag and beat our chests with pride in the open that we are Ghanaians as we used to do, all because of a 76 years old man. What is happening? Where are we heading to?After having closed down radios stations and taken over theior frequencies with which they have established theirs, they now want to forcefully take over that of the State and add it to what they have already taken illigally. Is it true that power blinds people so much so that they even forgot that, there is something we called death. Why the grabbing all over the places and what for? Only heaven knows.

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