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Eat humble pie and recall Domelevo - Amoako Baah to Akufo-Addo

Comment: Intellectual brigands

2020-07-28 22:47:41
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Eat humble pie and recall Domelevo - Amoako Baah

I found your argument very strange and feel that you only want to make noise for the world to see your relevance in the society that is why high serious political positions are filled with semi illiterates who cannot read a simple spreadsheet or navigate an app by themselves, because despite their jumbled reasoning which is only accepted because they have amassed wealth, they are better than the PHDs who are assumed to thought provokers and deep thinkers but alas not the African PHDs, invariably the SHS graduates are better organized and successful than them I am ashamed at the intellectual community in Africa

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07-23 11:45
Intellectual brigands
07-28 22:47