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BoG dead silent on new cedi notes video as man captured in footage dies mysteriously

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2020-07-07 08:08:16
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BOG dead silent on new cedi notes video - As man c

Here we go again. Some 'bigshots' hired a group of noners to do an illegal dirty job. Theses guys unfortunately don't know that they can only be safe under silence and darkness. Hence they became excited and noisy through audiovisual social media exposure. With less thought they stepped on the toes of some supreme crooks. And things like that come with deadly consequences. Who knows if that small group of labourers will not pay the altimate price. Number one who probably has the smallest master organ paid the maximum penalty for showing his face. In fact if I were one of them, by now I will certainly have found myself a porquipine burrow or an aardvark hole at a difficult to reach area in a prestine forest on the Akwapim-Togo range for my own safety. It is not safe anymore to be a fool in Ghana where politicians are very aggressive, doing the wrong things but claiming accountability. Now it is obvious that there are too many crooks in high places in Ghana. Please may I appeal to my poor little fellows over there in Ghana to be mindful lest they sacrifice their lives for greedy big men just like this our friend has done. May he return if possible. But if not, may he Rest In Peace.

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Re: BOG dead silent on new cedi notes video - As m
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Read with a grain of salt
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