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Opinions of Sunday, 3 May 2020

Columnist: David Nectar

You reap what you sow

One day, a young beautiful woman who is a devoted Christian was on her way as usual to Church when she heard some misunderstandings and quarrel in the next neighbour’s house, so she quickly walked there to show concern. To her surprise, her friend who is not a devoted Christian was fighting with her husband as to who must take care of their only child. Because, poverty was fighting them and they had no option than to neglect their son.

The devoted Christian Lady adopted the boy and took full responsibility of the child despite she also has children. She never showed any difference and loved all the children equal. Since the adopted boy was older than her children and was also ahead of her children in education, she invested all her resources that are meant for her children in to the boy.

People were questioning: "are u sure this boy u are taking care of today will one day remember you, why don't u save instead and invest in your children's future". she only has one reply to her critics that is:

"Anyone who has the fear of GOD will always do the needful, I am not expecting anything back but it is my wish the cycle will continue. For no one knows tomorrow, I can save today at the expense of the poor but what shall it profit me when I die or lose all my children.
One day the boy became a renowned Pilot and the devoted Christian woman became old and weak. She could not work again. That was when her children needed urgent help to pursue their academics and settle for life.

The Pilot doesn't give attention to the Lady who took care of him again after successfully securing a job. The Pilot now knows he has parents and all his resources were given to his parents. The parents are reaping where they have not sown.

The Old lady never understood anything, anytime he calls the Pilot for a little help, the pilot turns her down with so many excuses. Her Children will go to the Pilot and return with tears of disappointments. But this woman will never give up on her faith, she prayed very hard for her children and the Pilot. He loved the Pilot and wish the Pilot could repent.

The Pilot began to witness some wrath within him. His children became very recalcitrant, his wife always makes him uncomfortable and tries to control him. A Pastor revealed to him why he was facing those challenges (Abandoned the one who made you who u are today).
He thought of it very well and amended his ways to go and see the Old Lady. He got there and only to be told that, the Old lady had passed on and her Children are successful but they left the Country. It is only the last born who lives on top of the hills. He went to the hills top only to realise that, the Last born of the Old lady was his Boss and nobody can enter his house uninvited.

The pilot realized and regretted his actions. Now the woman is not alive for him to apologize to her. He bowed with tears but it was too late. It occurred to him like a rapture. He cried aloud. But the family of the Old Lady doesn’t need his help at that moment. His life became miserable, and died prematurely.

Lesson: Help others when they are in need and always appreciate whatever others do for you in Life. Don't wait until it is too late. Every bit of thing in this life mean a lot.
Maybe the Old woman died as a result of the Pilot's actions (High BP). Learn to forgive others and God will open your doors. Remember that, the Old woman never cursed the Pilot but the pilot cursed himself with his own actions. Let's not forget there is God in everything we do. Don't give up praying. Let's do the needful while we live.

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