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General News of Saturday, 27 February 2021


You are lying – Captain Smart clashes with journalist who declared he is gay

Captain Smart is the host of Angel FM Captain Smart is the host of Angel FM

An interview between Captain Smart, the host of Angel FM’s morning show and Ignatius Annor, the journalist who recently declared that he is gay turned into a heated debate after the interviewer accused the interviewee of peddling falsehood.

Annor in an attempt to make people appreciate the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) community drew likeness with the racial segregation in the United States of America decades ago.

He noted that at some point in the history of the US, blacks were not allowed to share the same restaurants and buses with whites.

He mentioned that the practice was official and had the backing of the constitution of the United States.

“In Europe, people said that blacks do not have the right to go to this school or restaurant. It’s literally the same thing,” he said.

Captain Smart retorted “this analogy is not correct because at that time, it was not part of the laws of America. It was an act being perpetrated by the white supremacists. It was not documented to be part of the American and UK constitution “.

Determined to put across his point, Ignatius Annor restated that “for centuries it was part of the constitution of certain countries that women should not vote. It was also part of the constitution that a white man cannot have children with black man”.

Captain Smart hit back and called Igantius Annor out for making statements which are false.

Basing his position on a United Nation’s report, Captain Smart rejected the claims by the former Metro TV journalist.

“It was not universal. You are lying. During the slave trade, majority of them according to the UN report stated that some of the whites impregnated some of the slaves. They stayed with them. Even at Elmina, whites had families with black women so what you are saying is not true”, he vehemently rejected.

The exchanges lasted for a while until Ignatius Annor who accused Captain Smart of asking ‘disrespectful and dehumanizing’ questions ended the interview.