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General News of Saturday, 10 April 2021


You are a stupid man – Reverend Owusu Bempah loses his cool over Baba Jamal’s criticism

Founder of Glorious Word Power Ministry, Isaac Owusu Bempah and Baba Jamal Founder of Glorious Word Power Ministry, Isaac Owusu Bempah and Baba Jamal

Okay FM became a battle ground on Wednesday April 7 as the founder of Glorious Word Power Ministry, Isaac Owusu Bempah and Baba Jamal, the former Member of Parliament for Akwatia took turns to throw jabs at each other.

Baba Jabal in reaction to a prophesy by Owusu Bempah warned that members of the NDC will be compelled to attack his pastoral works if he refuses to desist from attacking former president John Dramani Mahama.

An angry Baba Jamal rubbished a prophecy by Owusu Bempah which posited that the former president is under some curse and until the spell is removed, he will be unsuccessful in his future re-election bids.

“I have told him several times that if he doesn’t stop mentioning John Mahama’s name, we will also force our way into his pastoral work. All I want to tell him is that he should take his prophecy and we will focus on our politics.

Reacting to the comment by Baba Jamal on the same programme, Owusu Bempah reprimanded the ex-MP for attacking his prophecies.

He noted that Baba Jamal has developed a habit of attacking him and cautioned that he is not the only person allowed to criticise politicians.

“I want him (Baba Jamal) to understand that the country does not belong to him. If he can express his opinion on any president then everyone can. Is he saying we cannot say anything about the former president. I haven’t said that he (John Mahama) has been cursed. I’m just saying there are certain things he must perform to ensure that he wins the election.

“There is something called ancestral curse. Some people are suffering from curses from their grandparents. What is wrong if I say this. I don’t know what I have done to warrant insult from people.

“Baba Jamal, If you are a Muslim, focus on your Islam. Don’t bring it into my pastoral activities. What power do you have to veer into my pastoral life. You have no such power. You have attacked me so many times and I have ignored you but be careful? If you insult me, I will respond. Is there something wrong with your brain? You are a stupid man,” he blurted.

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