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Politics of Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Women are deterred from politics because of insults – Edith Danquah

Edith Danquah, CEO of B&FT Edith Danquah, CEO of B&FT

Group CEO of the Business and Financial Times Edith Danquah says politics of insult is the main reason why women are deterred from engaging in politics in Ghana.

Recently, a legislator alleged that the Chairman of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei was appointed in exchange for sex, which attracted severe criticisms from the general public.

Speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show, Mrs. Edith Danquah reiterated that the way politics is done in Ghana is a put off for most women.

“I don’t think women are well represented in politics for the obvious reason because if you go into politics you put yourself out there and I would take the example of the EC boss which they went personal”, she said in reference to MP for Assin Central Kennedy Agyepong’s attack on Charlotte Osei.

“You can’t insult somebody’s wife publicly and come out and say you were joking,” she criticised the MP. “I wouldn’t want to go into politics because I wouldn’t like to be treated that way and there are a lot of women who feel the same,” she said.

“I know a lot of groups came out to condemn what he did but then more should have been done from the top. “Whether you are NDC or NPP, the person is competent and she is capable and embarrassing someone’s wife publicly is just not right,” Mrs. Danquah said.

She however acknowledged: “Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t criticise because constructive criticism helps a lot to shape an individual but for the lies. Actually for people to say so many things about you which are not true and bring you down because you are a woman and they think you shouldn’t be in that position, that I think is not right”.

Mrs. Danquah has built a solid reputation over the years in rendering consultancy services on marketing and communications and has been an adviser on business investment related issues.

She also served as a market entry strategist for foreign businesses seeking to extend their operations in Africa. She is the group publisher and CEO of Business Times Africa, Energy Today magazine and the Business and Financial Times (B&FT).