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General News of Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Source: Atinka Online

Woman narrates how she was raped by a Catholic Priest's brother

Rape is a bitter pill which no woman or man would want to experience (Yes, men are raped too).

A number of women on the streets of Ghana have suffered some form of sexual abuse. Although men are also raped, there is evidence that women, most often than not, suffer several forms of sexual abuse.

The Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service in 2014 had 290 rapes and 1,111 defilement reported cases, where majority of the victims were females.

A survey conducted by a parenting website,, concluded that the majority of women who are raped or sexually assaulted do not report the crime to police in many cases because they have little confidence that their attacker would be brought to justice.

This is a typical situation where a 33-year-old rape victim decided not to report the abuse due to lack of confidence and stigma.

This is the story of a woman who thought she had seen it all in life until she was raped at age 33 by a friend’s brother. A situation she says has changed her entire life.

The victim , who spoke to’s Vivian Adu Boatemaa agreed to have her story published on condition of anonymity.

She narrates:

“I visited a family friend, met her boss whom I know so well, with his younger brother whom I had never met. So that was my first time meeting his brother.

My friend's boss normally takes me home anytime we crush at my friend’s place, so that day was no different.

I accepted the offer once again. on our way; he had a call so the brother whom I met for the first time had to drive me home now.

On our way, he suggested we use Google map so we can 'talk' more without me giving him direction every 5 minutes in our conversation. It sounded like a perfect idea so yea I agreed. Technology no bi bad thing abi?

Little did I know that this guy had his plan. I am not a fan of sitting in the front seat so even when his brother (my friend) alighted, I was still at the back.

In the middle of the journey, he sprayed something in the car. I thought it was an air freshener. It was after I regained consciousness that it dawned on me that it was chloroform.

I became weak and drowsy after he sprayed the air freshener. Mind you that was around 10pm.

So all my years of keeping myself, he took it away just like that. I could see what was going on but I was very weak. It was like being half awake, half asleep. Like a trance kind of thing.

After he had his way, he pushed me and my bag out of the car and left me to my fate. A good Samaritan taxi driver took me to some nearby clinic.

The doctor has my medical reports but making a police report will mean that my parents would have to know about it. And to think of it, I am 33 years, who will believe that a 33 -year -old lady can be raped? It’s sad.

My mom might not survive it;she is still not aware.

And the animal's bro, my friend’s boss is a respected Catholic Priest in Kumasi.

The doctor contacted the catholic priest, but unfortunately the ‘Animal’ had left to the states the next day after the incident.

If only I didn't go to see my friend, if only I went to Church that day instead of going to see my friend.”

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