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General News of Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Woman abandoned in forest over witchcraft allegations expecting fourth baby

Abandoned by family and friends in a forest somewhere in Akoti after being branded a witch has not stopped men from going after 26-year-old Martha Ama Appiah.

Martha who is currently 7-months pregnant says she has resorted to sleeping with men in exchange for money to take care of her feeding.

“I don’t have money and even when I go to my father’s house they refuse to give me food so when men give me a little money for my upkeep I allow them sleep with me,” she narrates her story to Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Kofi TV.

Martha reveals though she is carrying her fourth pregnancy, all her three babies died shortly after birth because she did not have the means to take her of them and the men who got her pregnant never come back.

“The condition under which I live here is not good for the babies and people refuse to help me take care of them, so they die shortly after birth,” she said.

Recounting the death of one of her babies, Ama said she fed the baby with too much a local nut popularly known as ‘d-balls’ and decided to sell some in town so she could get better food for them to eat. Unfortunately, when returning home, she slipped whilst crossing a stream.

According to her, the cloth with which she had tied the baby to her back became lose and the baby fell into the water and drowned and the body retrieved three days later.

She said the father of her unborn baby, one Abodam promised to marry her but has failed to fulfil his promise.

She revealed her reason for staying alone in the forest was because her stepmother has refused to allow her stay with the rest of the family at Adinkrom since she “doesn’t deserve to live among humans”.