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General News of Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Wicked NDC praying for the collapse of ‘One District One Factory’ - Akpaloo

Kofi Akpaloo Kofi Akpaloo

Founder of the defunct Independent People’s Party (IPP) now Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Mr Kofi Akpaloo has accused members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) of fervently praying for the collapse of the ‘One District One Factory’ policy initiated by the current administration.

“If you listen to NDC commentators it is their wish and prayer that the ‘One District One Factory’ does not succeed. It is their desire that it should not come off so that they can ride on it as a major campaign tool in 2020”, he disclosed in an exclusive interview with

According to him, the commentary of some leading members of the NDC suggests they are averse to the policy indicating that it smacks of wickedness to the citizenry considering the threat unemployment poses to the security of the country.

“They have made several allegations and about the project following its inability to take off as planned. Their prayer is that the project should not take off within the four years under the current administration so they will say they have been vindicated with their claims it was never going to work. How can you be this wicked to the unemployed youth who want jobs to earn a decent living”, he asked.

Joblessness he advised, must be a national concern and not NPP and NDC taking into account the number of jobless youth who turned out to be recruited into the Ghana Immigration Service.

“Joblessness among the youth should be the utmost concern of everyone irrespective of the political party in power so I see their prayer as senseless and demonic.If their prayer is for the policy not to come off for Ghanaians youth not to be employed then they will be shamed”, he added.

The jobless youth who are yearning for jobs in various sectors of the economy he warned will vote against the NDC for conceiving such an idea which does not inure to their benefit

Asked if his support for policy and programmes of the current administration is based on finances and favors he receives from them, he disclosed that he his defense is in the interest of the country since the NPP administration has resolved to create jobs for the masses with these interventions.

“I have lived outside the country and know how difficult it is to be unemployed”, he explained.

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