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Opinions of Thursday, 27 July 2017

Columnist: Ugn Kobby

Why should I give freely and pay later

Blood donation Blood donation

I have always had the joy to donate any quantum of blood whenever the blood bank and or any other firm or agency come out announce a blood donation exercise.

A great idea, give blood to save a dying soul. Donate to save a life! "It could be your family member or a cherished one", so they say to coax some people who know one way or the other will be in need of blood sooner or later.

But, of what importance is the exercise to me as a donor?. It is quite surprising to know that most things said to the red book holder (I am refering to those who have given or donated blood before) to hook them into donating blood are fallacies.

Wondering why?. On the 26th July 2017, the PRO of the National Blood Services, Mr. Steven Addai-Baah of the Kole Bu Hospital gave a synopsis of how the blood received from donations are tested before given the green light as safe to use on the midday news telecasted by United TV (Utv) as the topic "challenges of blood supply" was being discussed.

The hostess, Madam Afia Adutwumwaa Morosa asked a question and the answer from Mr. Steven amazed me.

After saying that a green lighted blood costs Ghc 85 or more, the hostess, Madam Afia asked, " so will red book holders also pay the same Ghc 85 or more of they be in need of blood?".

The PRO answered, "the blood is not for free, everybody pays that amount of he or she needs blood irrespective of his or her status - blood donor or not".

I wouldn't like to go on because it might sprout things which might terminate the joy with which people give blood freely.

But to end it all, I want to ask a question. It is for we the donors to ponder. If I be wrong, I am ready to accept correction.

Why should I give blood freely and pay for it later when I be in need of it?!!!

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