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Opinions of Thursday, 27 July 2017

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

What a wow! Kokoon Anyidoho insults the President

President Akufo-Addo has been verbally abused several times by some members of the public President Akufo-Addo has been verbally abused several times by some members of the public

It is often said that a child is the reflection of its father. Even though there are exceptions to almost every rule, the idiom stands uncontested in this case I write about. The whole nation made fun of the deputy secretary of the NDC, Kokoon Anyidoho, when he described the most brilliant economist, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, as useless, during the campaign towards the general elections of 2016. His party, subsequently, was vanquished in a most humiliating manner.

As a reminder the results of the elections were: NDC (useless) 4,701,162 – 44.40%; NPP (useful) 5,687,092 – 53.80%

Lately, he made similar utterances, this time describing the President as such. I am bamboozled by the husky utterances of this buffoon. Who better does the word useless describe, him or the President?

For starters, the President is acknowledged the whole world over as one of the most astute diplomats and patriotic leaders in Africa, and the most popular in Ghana by all means and measures.

Kokoon on the other hand is a charlatan of the most extreme descriptions. Let me tell you why! He has forsaken his dying father at East Legon and turned to the cream of the crop in our society to throw his rubbish at. Fortunately, there is not enough vim in him for the trash to go far as it lands directly at his feet to forewarn all those that wish to wade these murky waters that their fate would be just as filthy as the rubbish that litters this freak’s mind.

I say to you Kokoon, “Go and help your dying father to at least redeem a bit of the lost image that you have thrown to the dogs. But do you have a face to do that at all?”

If Kokoon’s father had served his life better, his child would not have mirrored such an ugly personality.

“So, Kokoon, who is useless? You the barracks boy known for your impishness since the Burma camp days cannot be more than a comedian as your senior, former Pantang inmate Asiedu Ntetia, especially that you are certified by the university in this field of lackadaisical waste of time. I am happy that six months into opposition has turned you into the extreme case of idiotic psychosis that you are, but what will happen to you after ten years in opposition, which can only be one fifth of the time that your NDC will be there?”

Those that GOD has declared useless can only exhibit same in disposition and discourse.

I suggest that Kokoon seeks the autopsy report of his late godfather, John Evan Atta Mills from John Mahama. After all, the last two Presidents before Akufo-Addo were truly the useless ones. If late Atta Mills wasn’t useless, he couldn’t have appointed him as the press secretary to his Presidency, which ended with his corpse bundled up in a taxi and sent to the maternity ward of the 37 Military Hospital with blood oozing out of his nose and the unmentionable place.

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