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General News of Wednesday, 29 July 2020


We will be mocked of democracy until we Africanize democracy – Mohammed Marzuq

Sheikh Dr Mohammed Marzuq, Deputy Spokesperson of the National Chief Imam Sheikh Dr Mohammed Marzuq, Deputy Spokesperson of the National Chief Imam

The Deputy Spokesperson of the National Chief Imam and lecturer of the University of Applied Management, Ghana Campus, Sheikh Dr Mohammed Marzuq Abubakar, says until we Africanize our democracy we will be a laughing stock to ourselves and other foreign countries in the practice of democracy.

He made this known on Pan African TV show monitored by Ghanacrusader. Speaking on the matter of the ECOWAS, calling on the release of the leader of the opposition party in Mali, Dr. Marzuq said that until all of Africa comes together and practices real democracy, we will continue to be a mockery of ourselves and other great nations.

“The practice of democracy in some African countries is a joke, you see no elements of democracy yet they say they practice democratic governance and it's funny.Until we Africanize our democracy we will be a mockery of democracy.”

According to the senior Lecturer, some countries do not understand democracy, and do not know democracy encourages competition, if they do understand and how it works, how can a leader of the strong opposition party to the ruling party be kidnapped or go missing; he quizzed.

He said he does not want to believe it is backed by government approval but that may be the case.

The reason for his submission that we should come together in the practice of democracy is that; some African leaders see power as a means of enjoying and not serving the interest of the people. Again Africans lack the respect for other people’s views, there is intolerance yet we are saying we are practicing democracy. He added that it is about time we know the real democracy, help ourselves to understand what democracy actually is, but until then we will be a mockery for people.

“African leadership is all about lack of respect for other people’s views most especially opinions from the opposition side,lack of intolerance. They see power as a way of enjoyment and great fortune but not pleasing the people. There is no respect for opposition,they see opposition as threat and negativity,that is African democracy for you.”

Dr. Marzuq further stated Ghana should end our system of ‘winners take all’ . Explaining the quote, he explained that if a political party wins an election, we should delegate to competent people across all the political parties to ensure diverse participation. But for a political party to take majority of shares in everything for 4 to 8years and will not listen to anybody is annoying and envying.

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