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General News of Monday, 8 October 2018


We must be disciplined to be productive – Ben Dotse Malor

Chief editor at UN news dailies, Ben Dotse Malor has advised the youth to be diligent, determined and disciplined in everything they do in order to be productive.

According to him, these are the basic values for achieving one’s goals and getting to the top adding that hard work helps you attract the right people to yourself.

He cited the late Komla Dumor and Kofi Annan as some Ghanaians who worked hard to get to the top in their life time.

“There is no substitute for hard work, Komla Dumor worked very very hard, Mr Kofi Annan was known to be a hard worker and when you work hard you attract some of the best people and equally hard-working people,” he noted.

He also urged the youth to take advantage the latest technology to better their lives and that of people around them.

Speaking at the 15th anniversary grand durbar of Tema International School, Mr Malor who shared his life story noted that he didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth.

According to him, he lost his father at age of 8 but his mother was hardworking and even though boys didn’t sell in his community, he had to help his mother sell so she could afford to see him through school.

“When you see your mother working hard, you have to be a very wicked and bad child to say you won’t join. In my place, boys did not sell, let alone fish but thankfully I was doing well in class, always top of the class so no one could tease me for selling fish,” he said.

He further noted back in secondary school he never imagined achieving all he has now since his spoken English was very bad.

“If someone had come to KETASCO when I was struggling with English and said who can we see in a few years’ time broadcasting on BBC even I myself, I would have pointed to people in my class who were more than qualified to go and do that.”

“So what I will say is yes, God number one, number two, hard work, determination and I mentioned that we all need friends. I learn from friends, some aspects of study in life, it took good friends not many…good friends who you can thank God for that through them God taught you somethings that you carry on,” he added.