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Politics of Monday, 21 March 2016

Source: Michael Ofosu-Afriyie

We’ll not be partisan but factual – PERI Executive Dir.

The Executive Director of the latest Kumasi-based think tank by name , Mr Anthony Kwame Zu has passionately assured the public that the intellectual outfit will be devoid of partisan or biased political sentiments.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Observer Newspaper in Kumasi at the maiden launch of the outfit, the Executive Director forcefully maintained the political neutrality of the group insisting it will only seek to churn out things that are factual to the public space.

According to him, the Ghanaian electorate deserves to know the real issues concerning their welfare and development noting PERI was fully armed to provide the public with the right information.

Motive for establishment:

Mr Zu, explaining the motive for the establishment of the think tank stressed Peri was committed to ensuring they situate every policy or program successive and previous governments put in place in the proper context so as to better shape the minds of the public as they prepare to cast their votes in the upcoming general elections in November.

''The PERI group has set out to shape the decisions of the Ghanaian electorate through the provision of credible information on significant deliveries of the two major political parties, NDC and NPP in the country", Mr Zu stated.

He noted, "key-sectors of our national life over the two terms tenure of both political parties within the new millennium would be scrutinized to bring out the facts about their individual performance''.

Opinion about party strategy:

Mr Zu said having monitored the political landscape in recent times PERI can conveniently infer that both major political parties would campaign on issues as well as tout their performances while in government.

This, he gladly noted was a good decision if it could be emulated by other political parties so as to allow the electorate to carefully sieve through their individual policies and vote according to which one best suited them.

Commendation of successive Governments:

Earlier on in the day, Mr William Awuku Awulome, Director of Research, PERI noted the efforts of both governments.

He noted the significant contributions of the NDC and NPP, stressing both had made some commendable strides in connection with the Power, Transportation, Housing and Rural Water sectors.

He believed a conscious approach by successive governments to build upon the programs and projects that had been initiated by previous regimes would be the best of decisions for the entire populace.

Mr Awulome also stressed the independent nature of the think tank and welcomed views and opinions from the public to shape its research and conclusions.