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Opinions of Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Columnist: Karl-Heinz Heerde

Wasting tax payer’s money

Nigerian President Buhari arrived on Sunday, 20.08.2017 back from UK, where he was treated for undisclosed illness –having spent this year 100 days outside the country on sick leave - in Abuja. He was greeted by a vast number of Officials besides numerous Body Guards.

Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo, left on Monday, 21.08.17 for Equatorial Guinea scheduled to return back to Ghana on Wednesday, 23. 08. 2017. The Vice-President, Ministers, Police and Military Officers were present at the Airport to see him off certainly having waited for his arrival and departure with the “Republic of Ghana” branded Jet for several hours. On his return, the same highly paid Officials will meet him at the Airport again to welcome him back, all at the Tax Payer’s expenses.

When Presidents outside of Africa leave their country, guess what…there is nobody to see them off or welcome them home, as time is money and the staff around them need to perform at their various work places and not to showcase the power or beauty of a President, but the beauty of a Nation by dedicating their time and thoughts to good work to be done.

As President Nana Akufo-Addo leaves Ghana on a very frequent basis – Mr. President, your problems must be fixed in Ghana, not outside where your Ministers can handle MOUs and contracts on your behalf easily – certainly the costs of his unnecessary journeys and entourage at the Airport amounts into Millions of Dollars this year alone, while European Presidents are capable and matured enough to find their way to the Airport, enter the state jet and fly off, returning the same way without any reception by Governmental Officials.

The productivity lost and the money involved can easily pay for schools with leaking roof or hospitals pregnant women in the villages do not have to safely deliver their much desired babies.

And the White Man pays for all these nonsense and their Embassies keep their mouth shut smiling into the faces of all African Presidents shining in the harsh sunlight of the African continent…but with certainty not shining in the heart of the Almighty; keeping them in utter darkness for years to come as GOD is a GOD of justice and righteousness; he gives blessings to those only that truly deserve and know how best to make use of them. GOD knocks at each person’s heart, once he sees clearly and unmistakenly that it is pure and honest, he enters into the mind, spirit and soul of a human to push him into the world of understanding and enlightment.

“I wish the Government would come to our aid and GOD would do something about our plight”, are to be heard on African streets all the time. GOD is always ready to assist and change lives, but when he is confronted with a stubborn, selfish heart that does not open up to him, only confesses with his mouth believe in him, he is not moved nor challenged to intervene, rather willing to abandon the stubborn heart and leave it to its own human ideas and misfortune.

Which sense does it make that an African President needs to be ushered to an Airplane…are they not matured but need to feel and see hearts and faces that pamper them on the Tax Payer’s expenses? Children should not lead any country.

P.S.: Restaurant Friday, Sakumono SSNIT Flat Estate, 21.07.2017, drain, 7 young workers, one cutting with cutler the bushes alongside the drain, 6 with shuffle throw soil from the basin of the drain to the banks upward for the next rain to wash it back into the basin to once again block the drain at heavy rain falls…money well wasted but people kept sweating busy building strong muscles and six packs. Ghana is solving a problem by creating a problem, endless cycle of busy poverty.

GOD, have mercy on your Africans!