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Opinions of Monday, 3 December 2012

Columnist: Ackumey, Cornelius

Vote For Commander-In-Chief Of Ghana Armed Forces

Vote For Commander-In-Chief Of Ghana Armed Forces Not Commander In Chief Of All-Die-Be-Die

In about five days Ghanaians will go to the poll to elect another president for the next 4 years and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everybody on this achievement and appeal to all Ghanaians who believe in stability of the country irrespective of party affiliation to rally behind president Mahama and vote massively for him but not to waste the votes voting for the war monger,GENERAL NTAPIMHENE AKUFFO ADDO whose election will destroy the peace we are enjoying today sending the country back for years if not decades.

We need to compare the two candidates in many ways including beauty,height and how these two individuals are connected to the ordinary man but not where one comes from which put the president well ahead of the Ntapimhene,Nana Akuffo Addo.

We don't want to destroy the respect Ghana has by electing a president who has too much baggage to carry such as being a junkie or a drug addict. Our Akan brothers call this man,COCAINEMANHENE,NANA NTAPIMHENE AKUFFO ADDO,while Ewes call him COCAINEFIAGA TOGBUI AKUFFO ADDO,The Gas call him COCAINEMANTSE,NII AKUFFO ADDO,Dagombas or Dagbon people refer to him as COCAINENAA,NAA AKUFFO ADDO,Frafra people call him COCAINENABA NAA AKUFFO ADDO,Dangbes call him COCAINE MANTSE,NENE AKUFFO ADDO,in Nzema they refer to him,COCAINEWULAE AWULAE AKUFFO ADDO,he is known in Gonja as COCAINEWURA AKUFFO ADDO and others have the name in their various dialects.

If we make the mistake to make this man president the first thing he will do is to declare Ghana COCAINE COAST by legalizing cocaine and other narcotics and also pass his dream law that will see all Ghanaians jailed in other countries on drug related charges brought back to the country and don't forget he promised to make everything free in Ghana for that matter MR FREE will use our resources to distribute free cocaine and other narcotics to the users of these drugs which will increase crime in the country but not the so calle free education . He cannot introduce free education in the rest of the country as he is making us to believe. Remember in the north almost all the secondary schools are boarding schools but in the south only few students are in the boarding schools which means if he or anybody tries to introduce free secondary education it will be impossible to put all the students in the boading schools and it will be difficult to determine who stays in the boarding houses and who stays a day student. How will you select who stays in the boarding school to enjoy the so called free education and what about the large number of students who are in the private schools,will he provide funds for their education too since they are also Ghanaians?

Don't foget this man not only once but at least twice disgraced women by telling the world if people think he is old they should ask women how strong he is in bed.

We should not give the presidency to this desperate man with all these names,let us not tell the world that we have elected a drug addict as our president.

Just recently Akuffo Addo's ALL DIE BE DIE militia started their operation in their Command and Control Center in Kibi where their first victim was the president who they attacked tegether with his supporters destroying anything NDC in that small town already known for its violent history in the past as pointedout to them by the president but instead of the violent Akuffo Addo doing the right thing any civilized person will do to apologize he refused only to give the president conditions that can compel him and his violent party to accept peace proposal initiated by the Asantehene supported by the two former presidents.

Just few days after the Kyebi attack Akuffo Addo's militia in Ashtown,Kumasi went on rampage in the name of door to door campaign with guns and machetes to kill anybody who they believe is NDC or who does not look like them since they believe those weho don't look like them are NDC people. This Kumasi branch of Akuffo Addo's militia was led by one Opoku Prempeh,a member of parliament for Manhyia and a medical doctor who should have human feelings to protect every human being but he ordered his militia to attack innocent man and after shooting him and knowing he was not dead they rushed on him ,butchered him until they thought he was dead before they left him. What is more barbaric was when a courageous woman who is the sister of the victim tried to save the lives of her brother these wicked people attacked her too with their dangerous weapons to kill him at the orders of this Opoku Prempeh who was doing the bidding for Akuffo Addo.

What will happen to Ghana or to Ghanaians who are not Akans and the Akans who support NDC if Akuffo Addo becomes president when even in opposition he is using his militia to kill them? It is possible that if Akuffo Addo becomes president there some towns in Ghana especially Kibi that people who are NDC supporters cannot live or even visit since that is where his all die be die has shown that in Ghana their Kibi is no go area for NDC members including the president or the republic.

Don't forget that his Field Commander,Kennedy Agyepong after the ALL DIE BE DIE declaration by GENERAL NTAPIMHENE Akuffo Addo already ordered Ashantis to kill Ewes and Gas which they will carry out from the day they are declared the winners but may God forbid.

Let us not mortgage Ghana to Akuffo Addo,the country will be in flames if we make that mistake.

Vote wisely on Friday,Dcember 7.

Thank you.

Cornelius Ackumey