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Press Releases of Monday, 29 June 2020

Source: ExLa Group

Victims of rape to share their stories in 40-day campaign against rape by the YAWC Network

Rape is sexual intercourse carried out against a person without his or her consent. It is a moment of pleasure for the perpetrator but a lifetime of trauma for the victim. Rape has become so common in our society such that victims have become the objects of blame anytime such an inhumane act occurs.

This trend of victim-blaming has left many victims hurting but hiding with their trauma with no one to share their ordeal with. The psychological effects of such incidences may affect every aspect of their lives and leave them as social misfits.

It is now more and more evident that rapists thrive in the silence of victims. That era is coming to an end. As part of a holistic effort to stop the frequent occurrences of rape and victim-blaming in Africa, through the 40-DAY CAMPAIGN AGAINST RAPE by the YAWC Network, there is now a platform created for young women to share their experiences and get help where needed while inspiring others to speak up too.

Victims of rape will speak and share their stories in anonymity, that is to say, their identity will not be known as far as the public is concerned but the reality of their ordeal will be shared with the public. With a team of trained psychologists and seasoned counsellors on board, there is every indication that rape victims will find help in dealing with their fear and other psychological challenges.

The other aspect of the campaign is that, with the consent of victims, perpetrators will be pursued, pressing charges for justice to be served.
We call on all women who have suffered the trauma of rape. The time is now. Speak up and save the next victim. Share your story and empower the next girl to stand up for herself. Help is here for you; solidarity is your strength. Let us work together and win this fight together.

Consequently, we also want to send a stern warning to all rapists and potential rapists to reconsider their status and change for the better. There is no room for forceful intercourse in this era and we will ensure that no rapist lives a free life. We are pushing for stricter punishments and we are empowering women and girls against being silent. It is no more a field day for sexual violence offenders. #STOPRAPE!