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Opinions of Thursday, 27 August 2020

Columnist: Isaac Asare Poku

Use your pencil

Emmanuel Apraku until getting sick was a popular pencil artist in Ghana Emmanuel Apraku until getting sick was a popular pencil artist in Ghana

Emmanuel Apraku, who is popularly known as Ray Styles, is a talented pencil artist in Ghana. Just recently, it became known to the public that the young man was battling liver disease and he had been in a very critical condition for a while.

In view of this, Emmanuel needed about $55,000 to undergo interventional surgery. Since he could not afford that money, some family and friends of his made a publication to seek financial assistance for him. Lo, in less than 24 hours, Ray Styles received over $50,000 donation (Ghana Weekend, 2020).

Apart from Apraku, it is evident that several people are stricken with fatal diseases and need similarly huge sums of money to undergo treatment. However, many of these people are sadly not able to meet the financial demands of their health care. After numerous unfruitful appeals for funds, these people have to throw in the towel and say goodbye to mother earth.

What could be so unique about Emmanuel's case? It is without a doubt that the difference lies in Ray's pencil exercise. Over the years, he has attracted the attention of the public with his stylish pencil drawings, which carry voluminous messages. His messages span a wide range of human rights advocacy against racism, domestic violence, human trafficking, what have you.

Could the world really give up on such a gift? Certainly not! Not even the First Lady of his country could afford to lose him. She donated a lump sum of $ 20,000 to support Ray (GhanaWeb, 2020). Many others who had probably not seen Apraku - but only his works - could also not afford to miss greater arts to come and so rushed in to send their support. What if Emmanuel did not use his pencil? The world would have probably looked on for him to die because it has nothing to lose.

Since the beginning of time, all those who used their pencils have been rewarded greatly. See, Joseph's pencil moved him from the status of a slave to the position of a Prime Minister (Gen. 39-41). Also, David's Pencil changed his life from a shepherd boy to a King (1 Sam. 16). Likewise, Daniel's pencil elevated him from a captive to a Governor (Dan. 2:48; 5:29). In addition to the aforementioned Biblical figures, external shreds of evidence of the life of Kwame Nkrumah, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Ben Carson, Daniel O. Asiamah, and Michael Jordan affirm the wages of pencil usage.

Fortunately for us, God has given each and every one of us a pencil according to the measure of our faith (Rom. 12:6). The world awaits to see what becomes of this pencil. Please don't deprive the world of your beautiful pencil paintings. As you unselfishly and tirelessly bless the world with your stylish draws, your returns may come to you in ways you never imagined or conceptualized. Today, Ray's life teaches us to use our pencils for the service of man, ourselves and ultimately for God's glory.

If you wish to sharpen your pencil to maximize its usage, you must believe in Christ (Mark 16:16), repent (change your mind) and consider Christ as Lord of your life (Acts 2:38), confess Christ as Lord (Romans 10:10), be baptized (Acts 22:16), be added to his church (Acts 2:47), and walk in newness of life (Romans 6:3,4).

Enjoy the Grace of God!

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