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Politics of Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Source: Ramon Osei Akoto

United Love Party Summons Ministry of Agriculture for GMO


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For Immediate release

February 28th, 2012

Suit No. 2




We have started the process of reversing the damages that NPP and NDC have caused. Ministry of Agriculture is also need in court for poisoning Ghanaians

United Love Party Summons Ministry of Agriculture for GMO

Doomsday in Ghana. Every Ghanaian citizen who eats is going to either get sick and eventually die prematurely or just eat the food and die. Kufour and NPP says Ghana is the gate way to Africa. Bring on the Poison

Statement of claim

Against the defendant is for an order for special and general damages for deliberately introducing fake and poisonous seeds known as Genetically Modified seeds for cultivation in Ghana. Genetically modified foods are poison foods. Plaintiff is seeking general and special damages as a result of health, economic, and environmental damages caused to the citizens of this country. Plaintiff is aggrieved by the deliberate spreading of toxic seeds and a highly toxic herbicides called RoundUp in our environment. Ghanaians are forced to give up their food independence and forced to eat poison foods. Genetically modified seeds have expiration dates on them. In order words we must buy the seeds from a foreing company and after the first harvest you can not replant the seeds. You must go and buy new seeds from the foreign companies. The company supplying seeds to Ghana is called Monsantos. We are seeking an order to terminate gmo seeds cultivation in Ghana and restore our original organic seeds for our health freedom.


Plaintiff is seeking an amount of $100 billion to establish a center for Genetic engineering to combat genetically modified organism and it’s injuries as doctors and scientist have discovered


Plaintiff is a political party registered under the laws of Ghana headquartered in Cape-CoastDefendant is a government body operating under the laws of GhanaThe defendant allowed into this country some dangerous seeds known as genetically modified seeds with accompanying herbicide also known as RoundUp.It was later detected that the seeds were poison seeds and in addition not suitable for human consumption.As a result lots of Ghanaians are experiencing stomach illnesses, cancer in children and instant death from the food, while the rest are yet to experience stroke, diabetes and many more diseases as has been proven by medical institutions, doctors and scientist around the world.

Environmental Damages

Plaintiff is aggrieved by the deliberate spraying of toxic herbicide RoundUp which has contaminated our land forever

Economic Damages

It was later detected that the seeds are not replantable. This means the country is causing economic suicide.Aggrieved by this has filed this motion in this February court praying for a compensation of GHc 1.2 billion to establish a genetic engineering science and research center to combat injuries associated with genetic engineering and restoration of natural soil and seeds.Wherefore plaintiff prays as per this endorsement on the writ of summons.

Genetically modified seeds are poison – seeds. They have health, environment and economic dangers

United Love Party’s Science and Technology Czar Ramon Osei Akoto have found that Ghanaians are eating Genetically Modified foods. The maize especially among all other vegetables are designed to sterilize and kill us, we find genetically modified foods a serious national security threat. United kingdom, Egypt and Algeria are among countries that have banned gm foods in their countries. The greatest gift that God gave us is our land and seeds. We are supposed to eat the foods and use the seeds to cure diseases not to modify them. We are asking the court to ban all gm foods including fertilizers, herbicites and pesticides. Monsantos and Codex Alimentarius who is setting the standards on our foods is determined to use food to kill 3 billion people.

Population Control – Seeds are not replantable. Terminators, Traitors, Spermicidal Corn

Crucial to its strategy, GMO giants needed a "new technology which would allow them to sell seed that would not reproduce." They developed one called GURTs (Genetic Use Restriction Technologies) that became known as "Terminator" seeds. The process is patented, it applies to all plant and seed species, and replanting them doesn't work. They won't grow. It's the industry's solution to controlling world food production and assuring themselves big profits as a result. What a discovery. Terminator corn, soybean and other seeds have been "genetically modified to 'commit suicide' after one harvest season" by a toxin-producing inbuilt gene.

A closely related technology is called T-GURT seeds, or second generation Terminators, nicknamed "Traitor." The technology relies on controlling both plant fertility and its genetic characteristics with "an inducible gene promoter" called a "gene switch." GMO pest and disease-resistant crops only work by using a specific chemical compound companies like Monsanto make. Farmers buying seeds illegally won't get the compound to "turn on" the resistant gene. Traitor technology thus creates a captive new market for the GMO giants, and Traitor is cheaper to produce than Terminator seeds.

Combined, these two technologies give agribusiness giants unprecedented powers. "For the first time in history, it (lets) three or four private multinational seed companies....dictate terms to world farmers for their seed." It's a biological warfare tool almost "too good to believe" in the face of open citizen opposition the industry and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) aim to quash.

Engdahl quoted USDA spokesman Willard Phelps from a June, 1998 interview saying the agency wanted Terminator technology to be "widely licensed and made expeditiously available to many seed companies." Hidden was the reason why - to introduce these seeds to the developing world as the prime Rockefeller Foundation strategy. Engdahl called it a "Trojan Horse for Western GMO seed giants to get control over Third World food supplies in areas with weak or non-existent patent laws." It became an urgent Foundation priority to spread the seeds worldwide to irreversibly capture world markets. USDA fully backed the scheme.

That kind of muscle (along with WTO rules) is overwhelming. It's the tactic used when the US departments of state and agriculture coordinate famine relief using genetically engineered US surplus commodities. Farmers getting GMO seeds aren't told what they are, they plant them unwittingly for the next harvest, get hooked, and the proliferation isn't restricted to Africa. Through coercion, bribery and other illegal tactics, the industry's goal is to introduce them everywhere but especially in highly indebted developing states. In the case of Poland, it was in a country with some of the richest European soil that's now spoiled by genetic contamination.

Consider how the scheme ties in with Rockefeller Foundation population control strategy. In 2001, it was aided when the privately-owned biotech company, Epicyte, announced it successfully developed the "ultimate GMO crop" - contraceptive corn. It was called a solution to world "over-population," but news about it vanished after Biolex acquired the company.

One way or other, the Rockefeller Foundation aims to reduce population through human reproduction by spreading GMO seeds. It's doing it cooperatively with the UN World Health Organization (WHO) by quietly funding its "reproductive health" program through the use of an innovative tetanus vaccine. Combined with hCG natural hormones, it's an abortion agent preventing pregnancies, but women getting it aren't told. Neither is anything said about the Pentagon viewing population reduction as a sophisticated form of "biological warfare" (to) solve world hunger.”


GMO as a weapon of biowarfare

The following are the side effects of Genetically modified foods


Here are the Dangers:

Fundamental Weaknesses of the Concept

* Imprecise Technology—A genetic engineer moves genes from one organism to another. A gene can be cut precisely from the DNA of an organism, but the insertion into the DNA of the target organism is basically random. As a consequence, there is a risk that it may disrupt the functioning of other genes essential to the life of that organism. (Bergelson 1998)

* Side Effects—Genetic engineering is like performing heart surgery with a shovel. Scientists do not yet understand living systems completely enough to perform DNA surgery without creating mutations which could be harmful to the environment and our health. They are experimenting with very delicate, yet powerful forces of nature, without full knowledge of the repercussions. (Washington Times 1997, The Village Voice 1998)

* Widespread Crop Failure—Genetic engineers intend to profit by patenting genetically engineered seeds. This means that, when a farmer plants genetically engineered seeds, all the seeds have identical genetic structure. As a result, if a fungus, a virus, or a pest develops which can attack this particular crop, there could be widespread crop failure. (Robinson 1996)

* Threatens Our Entire Food Supply—Insects, birds, and wind can carry genetically altered seeds into neighboring fields and beyond. Pollen from transgenic plants can cross-pollinate with genetically natural crops and wild relatives. All crops, organic and non-organic, are vulnerable to contamination from cross-pollinatation. (Emberlin et al 1999)

Health Hazards

* No Long-Term Safety Testing—Genetic engineering uses material from organisms that have never been part of the human food supply to change the fundamental nature of the food we eat. Without long-term testing no one knows if these foods are safe.

* Toxins—Genetic engineering can cause unexpected mutations in an organism, which can create new and higher levels of toxins in foods. (Inose 1995, Mayeno 1994)

* Allergic Reactions—Genetic engineering can also produce unforeseen and unknown allergens in foods. (Nordlee 1996)

* Decreased Nutritional Value—Transgenic foods may mislead consumers with counterfeit freshness. A luscious-looking, bright red genetically engineered tomato could be several weeks old and of little nutritional worth.

* Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria—Genetic engineers use antibiotic-resistance genes to mark genetically engineered cells. This means that genetically engineered crops contain genes which confer resistance to antibiotics. These genes may be picked up by bacteria which may infect us. (New Scientist 1999)

* Problems Cannot Be Traced—Without labels, our public health agencies are powerless to trace problems of any kind back to their source. The potential for tragedy is staggering.

* Side Effects can Kill—37 people died, 1500 were partially paralyzed, and 5000 more were temporarily disabled by a syndrome that was finally linked to tryptophan made by genetically-engineered bacteria. (Mayeno 1994)

Environmental Hazards

* Increased use of Herbicides—Scientists estimate that plants genetically engineered to be herbicide-resistant will greatly increase the amount of herbicide use. (Benbrook 1999) Farmers, knowing that their crops can tolerate the herbicides, will use them more liberally.

* More Pesticides—GE crops often manufacture their own pesticides and may be classified as pesticides by the EPA. This strategy will put more pesticides into our food and fields than ever before.

* Ecology may be damaged—The influence of a genetically engineered organism on the food chain may damage the local ecology. The new organism may compete successfully with wild relatives, causing unforeseen changes in the environment. (Metz 1997)

* Gene Pollution Cannot Be Cleaned Up—Once genetically engineered organisms, bacteria and viruses are released into the environment it is impossible to contain or recall them. Unlike chemical or nuclear contamination, negative effects are irreversible.

DNA is actually not well understood. 97% of human DNA is called junk because scientists do not know its function. The workings of a single cell are so complex, no one knows the whole of it. (San Diego Union-Tribune 2000) Yet the biotech companies have already planted millions of acres with genetically engineered crops, and they intend to engineer every crop in the world.

The concerns above arise from an appreciation of the fundamental role DNA plays in life, the gaps in our understanding of it, and the vast scale of application of the little we do know. Even the scientists in the Food and Drug administration have expressed concerns. (Alliance for Biointegrity)

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Yours Truly

Ramon Osei Akoto