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General News of Friday, 29 February 2008

Source: Daily Guide

Unbearable Water Shortages

Complaints of unavailability of water in certain parts of the Accra Metropolis are becoming unbearable and steps must be taken to solve the problem before it gets out of hand. Water, it is said, is life, therefore where there is no water there cannot be any life.

People in areas where there is no water are only existing, they are not living. We are aware that government has embarked on some big water projects at Kpong and Weija to supply water to all parts of the metropolis and solve the water shortage problem once and for all.

It is unfortunate water has stopped flowing even in areas where the facility was before those water projects started, thus causing residents of those areas inconvenience. The situation in those areas is pathetic, as some of the people spent a greater proportion of their earnings on the purchase of water.That apart, sanitary conditions in those areas, especially their gutters, are very poor as water scarcely flows through them; the least said about their toilet facilities, the better. It is for these reasons that we welcome the launching of the National Water Policy to guide the country towards achieving sustainable development, management and use of water resources in the country.

The launch is also aimed at improving the current and future health and livelihood of Ghanaians as well as ensuring the proper management of water. Ghana is lucky to have the great Volta River stretching from the north to the south of the country, offering its unlimited resources, but the country could not take full advantage of those resources.Water from the Volta River alone could have supplied the entire country with more than enough drinking water. If successive governments had added something to the Kpong Water Works for all these years there would have been massive improvement in the water situation; Unavailability of water in certain parts of Accra would have been non-existent.

Nevertheless, such an expansion work is not impossible today. In any case, the people are entitled to good drinking water. Money must therefore be sought to provide the facility at all costs and save people from the unnecessary hardships. When the water is provided steps should be taken to ensure its judicious use. Treated water, for instance, must not be allowed to be used to wash cars or water lawns.

Incidentally, water shortage is not affecting people in the cities and urban areas alone; rural people are also experiencing water shortage at this time of the year. The new water policy must therefore be crafted to take care of water shortages during dry seasons also and save the people from all kinds of diseases, especially water-borne diseases. Daily Guide urges stakeholders in the water policy to ensure that whatever they achieve would stand the test of time and water would be available to the people at all times.

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