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US Woman with 6 husbands - 4 are Ghanaians
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Diasporian News of Friday, 13 October 2006

Source: Ghana Celebrities

US Woman with 6 husbands - 4 are Ghanaians

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., USA --Authorities say Shawnta McBride is more than living up to her name. McBride, 31, has married five men without divorcing her first husband, according to warrants issued by Gwinnett County Police detectives on five counts of bigamy and false swearing

Four of McBride's grooms were born in Ghana, one was from Morocco and one was a London native, said Lorraine Stafford, the Probate Court administrator.

Police are searching for McBride, whose last known address was in Decatur.

According to Probate Court records, McBride wed Robert K. Konaido in September 2004. The arrest warrants say she has since married five other men at the Gwinnett County courthouse.

The motive was unclear, but the case is similar to those of two men arrested in the suburban Atlanta county in September. Police suspect they each married half a dozen or more women to help them gain American citizenship.

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