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Opinions of Sunday, 6 August 2017

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi

Treason: Machiavellian NDC behind recent terror alerts

Fadi Dabbousi Fadi Dabbousi

From all indications, the miscreants in the NDC Party may well be behind the recent terror alerts purportedly issued by the UK, Canada, and the USA. NDC had on a number of occasions, insidiously, issued fake advisories, like one released in May of 2016 using forged letter heads from USAID and WACD. That I rebutted with an article as in the link below:

Rejoinder: USAID and WACD - Ghana to become narco-State if Akufo-Addo elected

The NDC inhumane cult further sodomised the nation with a dirty article featured in the Africa Watch magazine, an incredulous junk of a publication, also in the latter part of 2016, foolishly misleading the nation about the health status of President Nana Akufo-Addo. It was vexatious, malicious, and derogatory by all means, measures, and standards.

Such false publications had repeatedly debuted in NDC’s political discourse, with irresponsible journalists of their ilk muddying the waters, hoping to reduce Akufo-Addo’s brimming popularity. Thanks be to GOD, all that had had an opposite effect of increasing the people’s urge to change the diaper, hence the shameful ousting of this most insensitive party of bulls and maniacs.

In this regard, let me state unequivocally that it is a dastardly act of crime and treason to engage in such scare mongering with the intent to cause disfavour for the Akufo-Addo government.

To corroborate my suspicion about the involvement of the NDC in the recent treasonable act of issuing terror advisories, the liar with sharp teeth Okudzeto Ablakwa, jumped onto the airwaves asking that the NPP government respond to these alerts He, also, asserted his defiance in a statement that the empty coconut on his neck was stronger than any terror attack that might happen.

The NDC party has soon forgotten that their devils, Mahama Ayariga, Okudzeto Ablakwa et al, cooked the fabricated bribery story against Hon Boakye Agyarko that sought to discredit him. Mahama Ayariga was indicted, but allowed to go with a disappointing apology.

Left up to me, I would have stripped him of any immunity and thrown him in jail where he belongs together with his comrades as well as Woyome, Ibrahim Mahama, John Mahama, Joseph Siaw Agyepong, and other thieves of their lot.

I am not happy that the various Embassies merely issue rebuttals to negate such devious maneuvers by the dying opposition of this country. They should investigate and seek justice in our courts. In fact, now that they have refuted the fake terror alerts, they must deny visas to NDC parliamentarians and anyone believed to be a member of that party.

My advice to the UK Embassy and others is very simple. To identify NDC members, create an intelligence questionnaire. They will definitely fail it because not a single one of them has basic common sense. In fact, if their general secretary was an inmate at the Pantang sanitarium, it is a direct indication that only mad people elect mad officers to man their mad party.

On rare occasions, one might find intelligent mad people, but in the case of the NDC, theirs is so chronic that they are beyond salvation. It is for this reason that I say another CPP comes calling to the shadows of history – an inglorious one by all means, albeit.

I call on the relevant security forces to dig deep into the burrows of the NDC. They just might uncover a whole lot more than just terror alerts.

They might be engaged in preparations towards such dastardly criminal activities. I make a passionate appeal to those in charge to stop the NDC criminals in their tracks.

Maybe they ought to begin with the perceived terrorist, Brogya Gyenfi, who emphasised that there will be turmoil in Ghana if the EC was impeached. The intention was clear in his statement. PLEASE ACT NOW NOW NOW!!!

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