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Opinions of Saturday, 10 February 2018

Columnist: Evangelist Samoa Mensa

Today, it is adorable Ebony; can anyone escape death?

The late Ebony Reigns The late Ebony Reigns

The young students of Kumasi Academy who died recently are gone and now forgotten. The Geography students of Wenchi Methodist Senior High School who met their untimely death at the Kintampo water falls last year are also no more. Young national heroes including Major Mahama, Kwadwo Asare Baffour Acheampong aka KABA, Komla Dumor, J. B Danquah Adu and others are also gone. Today, it is the masses' adorable Ebony, she is also gone.

As I was reflecting soberly on these deaths especially on the most recent unfortunate ones, these thoughts came up on my mind.

I realised that the very old men I saw when I was a little boy, I do not see them anymore. Likewise tomorrow, little children who see you and I as old now will not see us again. Where then will we be? In another further distant time in the future, these little children will also be seen as old men by the unborn generation.

Yeah, truly, so will it be because nobody can pause nor stop time from ticking in the time he or she lives. If time will ever count as it has ever been, who therefore can swerve ageing and expiry?

In a harmattan season like we are in now, you may see many fallen leaves when you go under a tree. Out of these many leaves that have fallen, only a handful of them would be identified as fresh. The substantial number of the leaves would be seen as dried.

Dried and aged leaves fall onto the ground by the slightest wind blow. However for a fresh leaf to fall, unless a higher force like a stormy wind blows.

As time continually counts into tomorrow, it will be the turn of another leaf to fall or be pulled down from the tree depending on the direction the wind blows.

Young and fresh leaves fall; just as old and dried do fall. Hence young and fresh men die; just as the aged. Obviously just as the fresh leaf was forced onto the ground, so as a young and fresh man's death is suffered with an attack of a stormy wind. Old men are also dead and gone but I am very sorry for the sorrowful deaths of our young heroes.

Ebony, please sorry to be kicked down and drowned by this huge storm. My heartfelt condolence to your loving and admirable family.

One may wonder why I am very particular about the death of the young? Yeah, certainly I do. Biblically, except for Lazarus who Jesus felt a special compassion for, nobody bothered Jesus to raise the aged from death. This is because an old person's death is accepted as standard and often not worried by the living. Jesus was however pleaded with on many occasions to raise young people from death.

Nobody felt something fishy when news broke about the death of the Queen of Ashanti Kingdom, Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II. This is because she lived long. She passed on as an old person. However, the nation was quick to find answers to the death of our young students of Kumasi Academy. Also think about why many are pushing for answers to be provided on the untimely fall of Late President Atta-Mills? The masses feel he could have spent more time on the tree. Likewise, Ebony could have lived longer than twenty one years.

Just as leaves on a tree shall not all ever live on it but fall one after the other onto the ground, so shall man fall. The body of every man whether old or young can one day be dried and weakened to house his soul. Shall a man of God, a followed media personality, a great musician, a powerful politician, a wealthy man, a poor man, a caring husband, a loving friend, a dishonest citizen, a good citizen, the aged, the young, you and I escape death? No one. No matter how we bother, we can not get satisfying answers.

It is appointed for man to die once; and after death there is judgement. Think about the destination of your soul when he flies away from your body.

Jesus says there is a safe place in Him for you. Turn away from your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Saviour and you shall know peace tomorrow.

God bless you.

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