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Opinions of Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Columnist: Karl-Heinz Heerde

The wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune. Wheel of fortune.

Ideas are spirits in the air, unstoppable, free, accessible to everyone ready to be caught and grabbed, picked like an apple from the tree (catch them if you can!). They are seeds with all necessary information like the DNA of a human and plant implanted in them. Ideas have no body to function but need over time to mature in good mindset to become visible to the outside world, this is the process of invention.

Cocoa trees have all it takes to bear healthy pots; the right mindset of the farmer generates a good and long lasting harvest. People with no ideas, regardless of colour or religious and social background, are people with a fundamental wrong mindset. Long lasting, cemented poverty on individual or state level is the dysfunction of brain function based on which wrong choices are made and wrong ways are taken.

Vibrant, dynamic and for that matter successful individuals and societies are always dominated by and filled with creativity. No army, no family, no society, no money shortage, no history can ever stop ideas. A human to die with no ideas is like planting a seed in dry desert soil…useless.

The wheel was invented over 6,000 years ago in Egypt helping to build the most impressive Pyramids while parallel in Europe people walked or used horses to move around as well as moving heavy duties. While Hieroglyphs on stones and paper where helping the society at River Nile to prosper, and in Babylon 800 B.C. on a black stone the first recorded Law Book was inscribed, Europeans were far away from the idea to use signs on paper to leave a message for others and educate one another with written words.

Civilization in the olden days in Europe was nothing but eating, hunting down animals, making babies, enjoying open fire and drinking fermented alcohol from honey.

In France in the 17. Century the idea was developed to use two wooden wheels, connect them with a small beam and paddle with the feet to move a human forward. Later the bicycle mechanic of modern times was invented. Rubber Boots and Bike Rubber Wheels were invented in USA by Charles Goodyear despite the fact that in North-America Rubber trees do not exist.

Chocolate was made to modern day’s perfection in Switzerland by Lind & Spruengli with their special way of manufacturing (Conche); even in this country Cocoa Trees do only exist in Botanical Gardens in a handful of numbers.

A farmer has to choose the land to buy for his crop wisely. He has to ensure the soil is suitable enough for the harvest desired. His skills must be directed towards a good and profitable outcome of his labour on a sustainable basis. Qualified farmers look well into the future of their land they are working on wanting to provide for their families now and for generations to come.

To generate a good harvest of ideas the soil in which thoughts are planted and spirits can promote thoughts unto the higher level to ideas with concepts as the subsequent next step, the character must be well structured and have all the necessary required nutrients out of which ideas can come out, mature and be harvested for the benefit of the individual human and others as well.

Being honest, organized, time-conscious, generation thinker, not-corrupted, having planning capacity, sense to provide for the future, not cheating, a giver, a sharer of wealth, being respectful to others regardless of their finances and society status simple because they are fellow humans, overcomer of selfishness, absence of greediness are the nutrients which help ideas to grow out of many thoughts.

Africans are a people talking too much with a great interest to be busy people of getting involved in other people’s matters instead of staying away from the crowd all alone by themselves to think of themselves how best to improve their life’s situation and the one of others with the clear determination in mind and heart to go out for actions to make an idea a profitable venture for more than only one pocket.

Successful people, busy people, people with ideas have no time to waste their precious life-time and share time with others as Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi is always teaching in his School of Earthy Men’s life to achieve living an attractive life. Life of a Christian is not easy but the only life that gives everlasting happiness for oneself and others on a truly meaningful and sustainable basis.

The Bibel is teaching us Money with no wisdom is useless, money with wisdom is so powerful. Wisdom is practiced knowledge that is put to the test of time.

Africans coming out of their various Empires filled with Witches and Wizards while White Missionaries tried their best to save them from spiritual darkness in a not so wise way, being taken over by Slave Masters and Colonial Masters, jumping after lives lost in battles into their independence are still people that go to Churches or Mosques on Fridays and Sundays while having no problem of a double life to engage Juju into their matters to achieve whatever desired as long as their egoism is satisfied.

It is no wonder that in Churches in Africa people have no shame during Church Service to use their Mobile Devices chatting along on whatsapp and Facebook and when the Pastor is saying “Amen” or “Halleluiah” to look up and repeat the words, shortly after that to concentrate again on their internet chat.

Most Africans are not serious with Christianity only looking for Prophecy and the fast way out of their misery while only learning and acquiring constantly more knowledge is the right way forward, this is hard for them to understand. I have never observed in Europe anyone in Church to use his Mobile Device for Chatting with others!

Africans are their own soul slave masters.

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