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Opinions of Friday, 10 August 2018

Columnist: Nii Dodoo

The true state of affairs in Ghana today

It is believed that Ghanaians did not vote the NPP into power in 2016 but instead the NPP operatives managed to hack the electoral system in Ghana which led to President John Dramani Mahama bowing out of office after the US Embassy and the British High Commission in Accra all advising President Mahama to concede defeat.

Now, depending on which side of the bridge you stand the above could be very plausible and an undeniable fact.

Fast forward to 2018, Ghanaians seem to have totally regretted having voted the NPP under the leadership of President Akuffo Addo, into office.

Vice President Bawumia who tooted made up facts about how Ghana has money and doesn’t have to go borrowing money from Lenders around the globe, seems to have eaten the humble pie and changed gear into becoming the baton holder with *Borrow Now* tag., and the saddest part of this is the fact the average Ghanaian is being forced to live under substandard levels because the government’s economists are unable to stabilise the Trump-Currency (dollar).

The largest cabinet in Ghanaian political history, seems to also be the most self-destructive government in our history, with lawlessness and corruption plaguing every sector of the NPP led administration, like a curse. The family and friends template adopted by the aged President was because he couldn’t pull himself together to trust the good people of Ghana. Today, every sector of governance seems so corrupt that foreign investors wooed into the country are beginning to ask the right questions, contrary to everything they were told/promised by government operatives.

The AMERI Deal and the lies about the no fishing season which was just a mere pretext to allow American Soldiers to be whisked away into undisclosed locations of our country undetected have all added to fears that some of these foreign investors are expressing about our national security as a whole.

Experts analysing the Ghanaian state of affairs today, indicate that if the current pace at which the government is handling issues of corruption and lawlessness is not nipped the right way, the country could tip over into chaos, considering the fact that the United Nations seems worried at the rate at which Arms/Ammunitions is flowing into Ghana, under the guise of security for so-called businesses in the country.

The Ghanaian identity which once was the pride and joy of the whole Africa, today has disintegrated into abyss of corruption/greed/selfishness, and our leadership doesn’t seem to understand the need to lead by example. Joblessness while a small minority amass wealth without thinking out of the box to become innovative enough to create jobs for the youth is all mounting up pressure onto the Ghanaian social fabric, and the Ghanaian media is the worse culprit when it comes to peddling half-truths and lies to the Ghanaian people.

Like one expatriate put it, until the Government sees the need to call the media to book, Ghanaians would wake up to the dawn of Rwanda someday.

Political Commentators in Ghana today, on the supposed reputable Radio stations in the country must all begin a concerted effort to call the government out on all its fake promises and lies and corruption, and hold government responsible and accountable to all the blatant abuse of power/office while the good people of Ghana suffer.

The NPP government in the eyes of many Ghanaians in the diaspora is a huge disappointment, and ROPAL seems to be another fraudulent template for 2020 so all Political Parties in Ghana must keep their eyes wide open come 2020.

To the good people of Ghana, l say take heart for all is not lost, there still is hope for Ghana, and FREE SHS is surely not something that can help breed a new generation of Ghanaians able to manage our own affairs, so let’s all wake up to the reality of boldness to stand up against corruption, Martin Amidu is compromised so that too is a total chase of the wind.

We all need to stand up, because we are in this together, our captain is leading us astray and it’s our responsibility to make him aware of the things he seems blind to.

Forward ever #GhanaMustWorkAgain #GMWA

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