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Opinions of Thursday, 8 March 2018

Columnist: Lumpi Watusi

The true source of corruption in the country

At the 61st Independence Day Anniversary celebrations in Accra on 6 March 2018 his Excellency the President of the Republic of Nigeria said “our Excellency, I can assure you that you have a good partner in me in tackling endemic corruption”. The two Presidents are actually exonerating themselves from corruption in their countries, but you know, if corruption was a human being at large, a simple search by any serious thinking Ghanaian or Nigerian will lead to the offices of the two Presidents. I tell you that if the two Presidents know the true source of corruption they won't spent a day to kill corruption.

How many times haven’t we heard Hon Kennedy Agyapong crying that he pumped so much money into the campaign of NPP in bringing the Government into power so he deserves contracts, whether he has the technical capacity to execute these projects is not an issue. How many times haven’t we heard that people have been appointed into public offices just because they financially supported the Presidential campaign, whether they can perform or not is not an issue. So what are people appointed into such offices going to do, apart from going to find money to recover the monies they used in supporting the President or party.

What will happen if the President ignores such criteria in appointing people into offices and appoint people who have intellectual appeal and have experience and track record in employment or have their own businesses. Such people will not be motivated by money but the desire to perform. Such people will not be corrupt. The Presidency makes all appointments thereby throwing “thieves” into the government to “find” money to fill their pockets to make up for their contributions to the Party and President. Who is promoting corruption? Is it not the Presidency? Will Dr Nduom go into government, for instance if appointed by the President, to find money? A big no. People have been appointed into public offices just because they followed the then candidate Nana Addo, irrespective of their age and capacity. Why employ chief executives of parastatals who have already passed their “sell by “dates, aged over 65, when we still cry about high unemployment in the country. How can young graduates find work, if people, who should have been retired, are being appointed into government businesses?

Not long ago some operators in one government institution had their licenses withdrawn just because they were deemed to be NDC sympathisers. (NDC did the same thing when they came to power in 2009). In their places NPP sympathisers were licensed to take over their space. As if not enough the number of operators have been increased by over 300%, from 8 operators to 28 operators where it is a known fact that the 8 even had no business to do. This has been done just to give contracts and license to party faithfuls. This policy obviously emanated from the Presidency. Look at some of the beneficiaries of the licenses in February 2018; Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Board Chairmen, Board members, relatives of TOP officials at the office of the President, drivers and bodyguards at the Presidency, and the Chief herself. Nauseating!

Now you know the true source of corruption. The Office of the President!!!

Let the Presidency purge itself of corruption. Let political parties stop chasing the Presidency for jobs to recoup their monies used in bringing a party into office. Let people at the Presidency know better, and let people entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring good management of institutions don’t be greedy and participate in the corrupt practices. Charity begins at home.

By: Lumpi Watusi


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