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Opinions of Monday, 26 February 2018

Columnist: K. Badu

The police must nab this maniac for disgustingly raping the voiceless corpses

'Fa Woho Adwen' as he's fondly called is currently married to two women with six children 'Fa Woho Adwen' as he's fondly called is currently married to two women with six children

I will be extremely amazed if the police does not move in immediately and effect the arrest of the shameless confessing taxi driver who unabashedly and openly gave an interview to journalists about his abhorrent sexual abuses of the dead women in his care as a mortuary man.

To state that I was extremely horrified listening to the impolitic taxi driver’s revoltingly ugly narratives is no understatement. Indeed, I could not remit my fury in condemnation over the imprudent taxi driver’s neanderthaloid attitude.

“Fa Woho Adwen” as he is fondly called who is believed to be in his forties, confessed in an interview with Ghanaweb, he slept with some female corpses to satisfy his sexual desires.”

“I began working at the morgue at the age of 24 years, bathing dead bodies during the night shift. I was dating during that time of my life, but I haven’t had any sexual intercourse yet,” he said.

He added, “A very beautiful young lady was pronounced dead at the hospital and brought to the morgue, upon seeing the beads around her waist endowed with huge buttocks aroused my feelings and made me slept with her lifeless body (, 25/02/2018).”

The indiscreet taxi driver boasted openly on how he raped motionless bodies, who obviously were not in a position to give consent to the pervert’s sexual advances. How cruel, how unkind and how immoral could some creatures that rather preferred to be called human beings be?

Of course, the passing women have their dignity and must be protected at all cost. Someone ought to intercede on their behalf and cause the arrest, prosecution and the possible conviction of the disrespectful taxi driver.

I will therefore call on the police to act quickly and effect the taxi driver’s arrest and charge him for indecent assault and rape.

In any case, the police cannot and must not remain apathetic and wait for an official complaint before acting on the seemingly appalling behaviour of the rapist taxi driver. The clip is all over the place, so the police must search for it and move quickly and give justice to the voiceless cadavers (the rape dead women).

K. Badu, UK.

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