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Opinions of Monday, 27 May 2013

Columnist: Mensah, Richard Obeng

The joys and sorrows of the African union (AU)

I am AU
I am 50 years old although I am a millennial child
My maiden name was the Organization of African Unity (OAU)
I was despised by my contemporaries in my infancy but they cannot deny that I have succeeded in decolonizing all my children from their taskmasters.

Today, I am still striving to making my age-old visions of uniting my children and shelving them from neocolonization of all colours and forms
I appreciate that the attitudes of my children have been influenced by the relics of the Indirect Rule and the Policy of Assimilation tactics of their taskmasters but they are gradually seeing the African light
The passions and visions of my illustrious creators like Kwame Nkrumah and Haille Salassie are still with me but I can only work through my living children - they must awake!
The journey has been long but my passions keep on increasing
My children will definitely enjoy the fruits of my seeds, the dividends of my sweats and my shed blood if they pay attention to my visions and wisdom.

Tell Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe that they should be extra careful.
Tell the new African Court to learn from the mistakes of its predecessor in the case of Michelot Yogogombaye v Senegal
Tell the leaders of my children that their divisive tendencies keep on grieving me – Why should they love their taskmasters more than their kins?
Tell the leaders of my children that they should demonstrate real leadership always and shun their attitude of acting decisively to deal with their own challenges only after some exertion of pressure from their taskmasters
Tell them that they should celebrate and manifest their God-given uniqueness and stop copying their taskmasters blindly – original, they must!
Oh! Only if the leaders of my children will listen their destiny will blossom!

Richard Obeng Mensah, author of Wisdom Thoughts.