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Opinions of Saturday, 7 July 2018


The devils we know are truly better

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Political parties are critical parts of our democratic system, especially since their sole goal is to seek and acquire power for the implementation of their developmental programmes.

It is not surprising therefore that the Electoral Laws of the country, like other places, are specially crafted to ensure that such groupings have the integrity to contest and be elected to take decisions on behalf of the citizenry.

Serious observers of the political plain had cause to raise an objection to the presence of ad hoc groupings which did not come anywhere near meeting the standards for political parties. These groups did not only have the national spread required of them – they were clearly created to satisfy the diabolical agenda of one of the main parties in the country.

It was lamentable therefore that, with clearly established guidelines for political parties such unqualified sole proprietorship groupings; to say the least about them, were allowed to stay on the terrain and treated as though there was nothing wrong with the status they did not deserve.

A new dawn is about to visit us as the overhauling of the Electoral Commission (EC) is no longer in doubt.

Even as we await such an important political development, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) will today be taking a major stride of choosing a set of persons to manage the affairs of the party for the next four years.

Although it is an internal exercise, its impact on the political picture of the country exudes far-reaching consequences.

When a group of persons with negative outlook are chosen to steer the affairs of a political party, the outcome cannot be positive. Therein lies the importance of considering a multitude of factors before taking a decision on who to vote for.

The NPP in the past four years had at its helm a group of executives whose indefatigable efforts eventually won it political power – a mandate of the people which has been put to productive use.

We can easily recall the excitement which greeted the NPP's wresting of power from the NDC; courtesy of the direction of the party's acting Chairman and his lieutenants.

Those were restive days in local politics. The electoral register, bloated as it was, had many demanding its replacement. That could not be because it was in the interest of the then ruling party and the contaminated EC to maintain the status quo.

Dedicated executives of the NPP then who seek retention today as the party goes to the polls, regardless of the setback continued to work for the ultimate goal of power which came – the unholy alliance between the referee and one of the teams notwithstanding.

President Akufo-Addo in his maiden remark about the ongoing congress has asked that the gains of the party and they are many, be maintained. What better ways to do this than ensuring party unity.

In the past few days, however, we have observed a worrying trend of party personalities descending into the gutter with outrageous allegations and lies about their opponents to better their electoral chances.

Let delegates, as they cast their votes, consider the track record and loyalty of those they vote for. The toils of such persons when all hopes were nearly dashed should be recognized at this time when we need their sterling attributes for the 2020 polls, triumph in which would provide the party with the impetus to consolidate the gains it has garnered thus far. We wish the leadership of the party, delegates and the rank and file of the membership on this momentous day, Godspeed.

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