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Opinions of Friday, 30 April 2021

Columnist: Adams Lukman mahami

The comeback of NDC’s Sidii Abubakar

Sidii Abubakar Musah Sidii Abubakar Musah

The 2024 general election is something we the NDC can’t dash to our opponents. The country’s debt can’t continue to shoot up like a wandering rocket, people just can’t continue to live in dumsor and water crisis, we can’t gamble on freedom of speech any longer, our security institutions can’t continue to be poodles.

The NDC needs to reorganize at all levels of the party in order to free Ghanaians from the shackles of modern day slavery.

Yes, slavery! Why must people live without basic necessities in life like water? Why can’t the media freely set the agenda for accountability? Comrade Commandante Sidii Abubakar Musah’s ‘Total Recall for Rescue Mission 2024’on deck.

In a competitive political dispensation, what makes one stand out from peers is credibility of reputation. This should be what we ought to look out for, in all persons seeking leadership roles in the party.

If we want to govern, we must provide competent men and women for the various executive positions, for our executives will serve as the brand of the party in the 2024 elections. They will be the edifice to be looked at before voters thumb press the umbrella.

They should not be easily bullied by opponents. At the mention of a name, opponents and the public quiz; are you serious at all? This should be a thing of the past. We can’t have executives who are associated with crime and corruption. No, we can’t!

After pondering over the above situations, in all sincerity and honesty, I opine to our party that Comrade Commandante Sidii Abubakar Musah is the surest bet for the position of National Organizer. ‘Always put your best foot forward, because you may never know where your next foot may lead you’ Stephan Labossiere.

As indicated earlier on, credibility of reputation should be the first way test for us before we even consider any candidate. Confirmed word has it that, when the party opens nominations, Comrade Commandate Sidii Abubakar Musah will seek to hoist the umbrella as National Organizer.

I pray to the Almighty Allah for Comrade Commandante’s intention to be realized. Why am I considering Commandante Sidii Abubakar Musah over anyone who could possibly contest the said position? You should know the answer by now, it’s the credibility test. In an increasingly discerning society, the audience look beyond accusations, allegations and hate speech.

They critically analyze information before making a decision. The usual acts of engaging in malicious and unfounded statements won’t hold water this time round. Immediately after 2016 elections, we all heard the unfortunate bastardization of Commandante Sidii Abubakar Musah.

As soon as Dr. Kwesi Botchwey led a team to embark on a scientific enquiry into our loss, guess what? the hate speech against Commandante Sidii Abubakar Musah suddenly quenched. Findings not known to the entire public but privileged few and I challenge anyone to point at anything that indicts Commandante Sidii Abubakar Musah.

The hate speech is fast emerging to deceive delegates but we are fully prepared to effectively communicate to the delegates and the public, Commandante Sidii Abubakar Musah’s feats as the National Youth Organizer from 2014 to 2018.

Upcoming communications will provide this to the public but the following will suffice for now:

1. Organized an unprecedented Youth Conference held at the University for Cape Coast with 2500 members of TEIN in attendance plus select constituency and regional youth organizers.

2. Distributed 175 motorbikes to some youth organizers and activists to aid in mobility.
Distributed 10 NDC branded pick up vehicles to all 10 regional youth organizers for campaign.

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