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Opinions of Thursday, 19 January 2017


The Perfect Wife

Almost every woman’s dream is to get married to a good man one day. Just as all humans are distinctively different, and would want different things; it is common for two different women, to be interested in a variety of things from their prospective husbands.

Most women are generally attracted to good looking men or at least presentable to the society.

In addition, ideally a man who can provide for the home, cater for the family, command their respect, provide the security they need, would love them and only them, would respect and treat them like a queen, among others.

There are also a variety of traits in looks and outward appearances, some women look out for, but most often it is not cast in stone.

Factors such as age and time could cause a woman to accept the next available man instead of sticking to some standards they may never achieve.

But as most women are searching for a man who meets their standards, they forget that most men also have certain key qualities they look out for in the woman they would like to marry.

In some cases, men are generally successful in getting their choices than women because; they unlike women can wait until they get their preference. Whereas a woman may not necessary have the luxury of waiting for that long.

Men mostly want a woman who is humble and can submit to them irrespective of their social status. Once they can get that, men do not think twice before getting married. At that point, it is not about looks and physical attributes of the woman: because to some men, every woman is a woman. That is to say that, to most men, a humble and submissive woman is the perfect wife, irrespective of her social status, appearance, educational or family background.

Now the big question to all young ladies who are fantasizing of a good man, a big wedding and a happily ever after married life, is, how humble and submissive are you? I know this may be a very challenging question for some women to answer.

This is because; modern civilization has deceived many women to think that if you submit to your husband, then you are cheap and foolish. But in reality, for a marriage to work, someone must be a leader in the home for the rest to follow.

The person must have a certain kind of authority over the children and must be in a position to enforce rules to ensure that the right things are done at all times and that sanity prevails in the house at all times. That being said, we all can attest to what happens in the home when a man is not available. That is not to say that women cannot lead the home: of course they can, only that together with men a better job can be done, “most men” for that matter.

Hence who then can be the perfect wife? Well by now, you can imagine the message that I am putting across.

A perfect wife must among many other things be humble and submissive to her man, but not to become his slave. There are many things you are supposed to submit to your husband, but no one expects you to submit and relinquish your right as a woman; and always remember that you are not a slave.

There is no such thing as perfect though, as there are flaws in everything; even the most complicated computer system produces some kind of error.

Nonetheless, you should consciously be doing the right things to maintain peace and creating a good atmosphere in the home makes you perfect as a wife.

As a wise woman, you should know what to submit to, in order to make your husband happy and keep the home peaceful.