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Opinions of Sunday, 25 March 2018

Columnist: Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor

The NPP illogicalities is sickening & disgraceful

As far back as Wednesday, I'm on record to have stormed out of the committee meeting to raise serious legal and procedural issues about the manner the committee had been instructed to handle this case including the fact that we could not amend any portion of the draft agreement to the media.

We were simply to rubber-stamp it, shameful as it turned out. The minister and his army generals left at about 9 pm after a long unconvincing briefing.

No vote was ever taken by their warped logic, the NPP mean to say that 13 NDC MPs voted for the deal to be approved and strangely the 10 NPP MP's including the chairman of the committee voted against a deal their own government brought to parliament.

How can any reasonable NDC member not realize the mischief and the folly in such reasoning?

The same Npp would have bastardized us if we had failed to participate in our numbers during the briefing by the Army and would then say that we ought not to be allowed to incorporate our dissenting comments in the report in question.

My people, do you recall their arguments in the Cash for Seat scandal when Dr. Ayine wanted to incorporate his Minority opinion?

The NPP claimed that, when the committee met to finalize its report, he was not present so NDC Minority Report couldn't be accepted and incorporated into the final thing that they brought to plenary.

Hahaha, my people, I've discovered that it's their way of doing things.

Indeed, the fact rather is that we stormed the meeting in our numbers to kill the deal. They saw it and went to cook a report with the express connivance of the two clerks to the committee.

So people, analyze their thinking small and you will discover the level of 'tagborkuju' in it to expose them.

I am so broken that I'm part a parliament that has done this but I'm equally glad that my protestations have been well recorded ahead of yesterday.

Veritas Nobis lumen.....

God Bless us all

Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor Esq. MP

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