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Opinions of Friday, 21 January 2011

Columnist: Opare, Opare O.

The Coming Of Zina

Whiles the winds blew with sharp blades
Cutting the lips of mothers, fathers and their babies
In this season, when evil men rape our villagers
Give birth to evil children, who grow up into beasts
With bachelor’s degrees in corruption, masters in lies
In this times, when priest turn magicians,
In this times, when law makers, turn susu collectors

A mysterious baby would soon be born, Zina would be her name
From far and near people will come in their numbers, to pay homage
Whiles the village men chant war songs
Mothers would dance, till their wrappers get torn
Our saviour is come; others will sing praises
The devil would be extricated and the judgement for the just will be loosed

She will be the prettiest girl in the world
With the eyes of an angel, claws of a black panther
She will cry like a baby but roar like a lion
She will be a dove in the day, a vulture at night
With a smile of a baby, she will hide the venom in her teeth

She is a curse, a punishment for the wicked
She is a voice for the voiceless, a walking stick for the just
She will reward everyone according to their own deeds
The good receives favour, whiles the evil cursed
Evil men will never escape her wrath, neither will they go unpunished
In this land of the living, nobody will be spared
Beware, the coming of Zina is at hand!!