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Politics of Thursday, 20 October 2016

Source: ali majeed

The Best Man For The Job Is Hon. Abdallah Abubakari

We the good people of Walewale constituency have a choice to make come
7th December, 2016.It's not a choice between candidates or parties.
It's a choice between two different visions for Walewale constituency
and Mamprugu at large. It's a choice between returning to a divided
party which believe in using what you have to get what you want better
still returning to the top-down policies that only favour the few
minority rich in society or continuity with Wumpini John Dramani
Mahama as president and Hon. Abdallah Abubakari as Member of
Parliament who will continue to provide more opportunity for everybody
no matter where you belongs to in society.

Mamprugu is better off with John Dramani Mahama and Hon. Abdallah
Abubakari without a Mamprusi vice president. Mamprugu is stronger than
before and credit goes to the first gentleman of the country and our
indefatigable northern regional minister the only development oriented
Great thoughts speaks only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions
speaks to all mankind. What Hon. Abdallah Abubakari has done to
Walewale constituency and Mamprugu at large speaks volumes of what he
can do for us tomorrow when elected to represent the good people of
Walewale constituency.

Hon. Abdallah Abubakari has undoubtedly proven to everybody that he
can actually do the job without been bias unlike those in the NPP who
are always selective based on who belongs to them. Hon. Abdallah
Abubakari gives equal opportunity to everybody no matter who you
are,where you belongs and where you comes from. This is a kind of
leader we are all yearning for to bring progress in society but not
the other way round. In fact Hon. Abdallah Abubakari will always be
remembered by every succeeding generation for what he has achieved so
far in Mamprugu.

It's interesting to know that those who said Hon. Abdallah Abubakari
could not deliver because of the timing of his appointment and their
own political egoism have bowed their heads in shame.
They are now changing the facts because there are inconvenient to
their campaign. The good people of Mamprugu have seen and witness Hon.
Abdallah Abubakari achievements. That is why this election is about
who we trust and can deliver but not base on where who comes from.

We know what Hon. Abdallah Abubakari stands for. We know what he
believes. We know that no matter what happens, he will fight for
everybody every single day as hard as he knows how.

So when we are trying to compare the New Patriotic Party diabolical
agenda of change and ours talking about change already happening in
Mamprugu and Ghana at large. We all know what change looks like,
because we have already fought for it and we have brought the real
change Mamprugu desired. We have got the scars to prove it. And after
all we have been through together to bring about the change which is
already happening in Mamprugu with the tireless efforts of the Member
of Parliament hopefully for Walewale constituency Hon. Abdallah

Voting for the New Patriotic party would be an unparalleled disaster
for the good people of Mamprugu. Our job is to vote for continuity
with his Excellency Wumpini John Dramani Mahama and all the five NDC
Parliamentary candidates in December. Our mission is to continue the
development of Mamprugu with a higher vision not to reduce ourselves
to the mere tribal politics because of somebody parochial interest.

As Jesus said, "Not My will, but Thine be done." It was his way of
saying that, there's a higher good beyond personal comfort or
position. What Hon. Abdallah Abubakari has been able to do to the good
people of Mamprugu within the period of his "injury time" position
worth better than the New Patriotic Party eight years governance in
Mamprugu. That is really the will of Allah to use Hon. Abdallah
Abubakari for the development of Mamprugu yet the vision less
individuals in the other political divide referred to his appointment
as "injury time minister" forgetting what injury time players can do
in effecting the desire change.

Development of Mamprugu is on the rise with John Dramani Mahama and
Hon. Abdallah Abubakari and that is the spirit of the National
Democratic Congress which believes in providing social services to
it's citizenry rather than making few individuals in society rich.

Mamprugu is stronger than it was in the NPP administration. His
Excellency Wumpini John Dramani Mahama and Hon. Abdallah Abubakari
will maintain the strength of Mamprugu. A strength based not merely on
ghost economic figures for chip political gains, but on the progress
and the nobility of ideas in Mamprugu.

And Insha Allah we hope that when our member of Parliament hopefully
for Walewale constituency, Hon. Abdallah Abubakari time as the
northern regional minister ends, people might say this about him: that
he had torn down the barriers that separated those of different
political parties and where there had been mistrust, built unity, with
respect for diversity; that he had hooked so many communities unto the
national grid; that he had quench the thirst of the good people of
Mamprugu; that he had constructed roads;that he had catered for the
needy;that he had solved the sleepless by the good people of Mamprugu
at the national health insurance office;he had dug and drenched
dams,that he had once again rekindled the hope of Mamprugu and many

so far, these are the remarkable achievements of Hon. Abdallah
Abubakari and many more are yet to be achieved. He is always vigilant
of his responsibility towards the progress of Mamprugu and nobody can
confuse the good people of Walewale constituency not to vote for his
Excellency Wumpini John Dramani Mahama and Hon. Abdallah Abubakari
come 7th December,2016.

# JM Zang-tugi

# Victory for Hon. Abdallah Abubakari

By:Abdul Majeed Ali (founding member and interim executive for
students network for JM and PCs in Mamprugu)

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