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Regional News of Friday, 26 June 2020


Tension brews between Nanton and Tampion over land in Northern Region

Some chiefs and opinion leaders in the Nanton Traditional Area Some chiefs and opinion leaders in the Nanton Traditional Area

Some sub-chiefs and opinion leaders in the Nanton Traditional Area in the Northern Region have given the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) a three-day ultimatum to find a lasting solution to a land dispute between the Tampion community and the people of Nanton.

They alleged that upon orders from the Tampion Chief, some farmers from Nanton were chased out of their farmlands in Tampion at gun point and asked never to return to their farms.

The sub-chiefs, at a press conference in Nanton, warned that they will take measures against the people of Tampion if REGSEC does not find a lasting solution to the matter.

“We are hereby telling the people of Tampion that we can equally sanction them as they have done by evacuating them on the following villages and lands they occupy which are under the jurisdiction of the Nanton Naa. The villages are Gushee naa yili, Batang yili, Digu, Salo Baani, Ninsobu and Vahindi Dabarni.”

The secretary to the Nanton Naa, Iddrisu Ibrahim Anyass, who addressed the press, accused the Tampion Lana of hiding behind a certain political colour to pave way for such political interest.

He further indicated that the Tampion Lana had said if Nanton farmers want to continue their farming activities in their respective lands in Tampion, then they should allow Nanton-Naa Alhaji Tia Sulemana Haruna, who is the current chief, to move out from Nanton and allow Tampion Lana bring in Mr. Bawa Zoo (Former VoNaa) to become the Nanton Chief.

“We want to make it clear to the people of Tampion that we will forever resist anyone to be our chief in Nanton apart from our Nanton Naa Alhaji Tia Sulemana Haruna as our chief at all times. We would resist anyone imposed on us with all the might God has bestowed on us,” Mr. Anyass added.

Iddrisu Ibrahim Anyass also claimed that over 50 farmers within the area will lose their farmlands and their livelihoods if the REGSEC does not intervene immediately.

He added that the farmers will also be deprived of the benefits of the Planting for Food and Jobs policy, which he said has since led to bumper harvests in the last three years of its implementation.