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Regional News of Thursday, 4 February 2021


'Taalia' indomie business abounds in Bolgatanga

Correspondence from Upper East Region

'Taalia indomie' has become a common and lucrative business in the Upper East Region.

'Taalia indomie' is a dish that is prepared by cooking spaghetti and draining the stock. The spaghetti is then poured into a big frying pan and fried, with some spices added to taste and vegetables to garnish.

Some eggs are then separately fried and crushed into the mixture, and food is ready.

It is largely patronized in the afternoons and eaten lunch, so operations start at noon.

Considering the light nature of the delicacy, one would assume that it is solely enjoyed by children, but that would be a wrong assertion, as it is enjoyed by both children and adults. Both children and adults throng the joints to purchase it.

The least price of 'taalia indomie' is one cedi. Children usually buy at a cost ranging from one cedi to two cedis, while adults buy as much as five cedis to seven cedis worth of it. They buy depending on the amount they will eat to their fill.

It is interesting to know that customers have the luxury to tell the operators to prepare the dish to their suit their taste. While some people like it prepared with a lot of pepper, others like it prepared with a lot of vegetables.

Ghanaweb's Upper East Regional Correspondent, Sarah Dubure, hit the streets of Bolgatanga and engaged some 'taalia indomie' vendors and customers as well.

Barbara Atanga expressed excitement at taking up the business as a source of employment. She added that the business is profitable.

Barbara explained that she was initially unemployed, and decided to venture into the business. She also expressed surprise at the pace at which the business was growing.

"Me like this, I didn't have anything doing, so I said that let me try this business and see. Oh the business is very good. I don't even think I will leave it ", she said.

Another vendor, Lilicia Atia, said catering for her family was a challenge, but things turned around in a positive light since she took up the 'taalia indomie' business.

A student, Abigail Ayolbila, expressed her love for 'taalia indomie'. She intimated that she even ate it right after eating a main meal.

Even if I have eaten, I just have to buy it and take it in addition because it is enjoyable. I just like it in my life, she said.

A trader, Elizabeth Adugbire, said the nature of her occupation kept her busy all the time, and in effect, she hardly had time to cook for her children.

Madam Elizabeth noted that the sale of 'taalia indomie' had come to cater for the constant previous situation of always thinking of what to get for her children to eat, as she always gives them money to buy some as lunch. She added that the children really liked it.

There are varied opinions on the consumption of 'taalia indomie', with others raising concerns about the spicy nature of the food. Generally, the sale of 'taalia indomie' has served as a source of income for many people.

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