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Religion of Sunday, 23 September 2018


TRENDING VIDEO: Fight breaks out in church following prophetic revelation

A South African church witnessed a fight between two women play videoA South African church witnessed a fight between two women

A South African church witnessed a fight between two women after the pastor revealed to the congregation that one of the women is the brain behind the other's difficulties in life.

The pastor identified as Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International began to reveal to his congregation that one of the two friends who had come to his church for prayers was responsible for the other's business woes when he called the two ladies upfront.

This revelation outrightly led to a fight between the two friends who were identified in the video as Japa and Pamela.

According to the revelation of the pastor, Japa is a business woman who had started her new business with her business partner(a man called Eze) not too long ago.

Japa agreed that this is true and the pastor went on to say that the business partner has also demanded that she returns the plane tickets he bought for her and has also taken back the money he gave to her.

Japa also agreed that the pastor was right. The pastor then went on to tell her that the cause of her problems is someone very close to her.

At this point, congregants looked shocked. The pastor then goes on to name the person behind her problems and it turned out to be Pamela.

“Pamela Why?” the pastor kept repeating.

As Pamela tried to apologize, Japa lunged at her and began fighting her in church. Church members seemed surprised and amused by this as the fight went on. Both women were soon separated by church officials.

According to the pastor, Pamela out of jealousy instigated falsehood about her friend to her business partner, and that was the reason why Japa's business partner suddenly withdrew from their business.

Pamela admitted to this and apologized repeatedly, saying she was jealous.

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