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General News of Saturday, 15 April 2017


Stop treating former NDC ministers like criminals - Alhaji Limuna

Alhaji Mohammed Muniru-Limuna, a former Minister of Food and Agriculture has bemoaned the manner in which the current government has unleashed members of pro-NPP vigilante groups on former government appointees in the immediate past NDC administration in the name of searching for alleged stolen state vehicles.

He disclosed that the fact they are no longer in government does not make them criminals calling on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government to accord them some respect even if they are hunting for vehicles in their possession.

“The fact we lost an election does not make us criminals. We have served this country in very high offices and they need to accord us some respect because they will also leave power someday and may not want to be treated same”, he advised in an exclusive interview with

According to him, he has no qualms if the current government pursues past appointees for vehicles belonging to the state but the level of harassment and embarrassment by party foot soldiers and vigilante groups is what makes the situation worrying.

“The people have names; they have numbers…. So pursue such specific people with specific information if that is not possible because we have been using operational numbers use the chassis numbers. When we handed over immediately I gave out my four-wheel, I gave out my saloon car.

Go after those who have specific vehicles and take them or arrest them with the information you have. Why must you go after them with vigilante groups to do that as if they are criminals when there are structured institutions. As a government you can use the security agencies to get what information is required”. He observed.

Alhaji Limuna admonish government to learn to show some respect to former ministers who have paid their dues to the country in various capacities indicating “We must learn to honour leaders because these were ministers of state…high appointees.

Deal with them with some respect and follow the structures and you will get the vehicles you claim have been stolen.

We must show respect to people who have served before because one day you will also become an ex-minister and if same treatment is meted out to you, I don’t think you will be happy about it”